What exactly happened with the last patch? My Zane build is dead

Action skill duration seems to be significantly reduced.
Yesterday I was able to keep action skills active during fights and now they end really quickly making the build and weapon anointments useless…
Anyone else having such issues?
I’m getting pretty close to the point where I’ll just stop bothering with this game…

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I did notice something unusual, I am not sure I am correctly understanding it since I did not dig into it. Before if you used redistributor the action skill bar was completely recharged in a few seconds even without killing anything,
I kept an old m0 redistributor just for this purpose . Now it does not seem to recharge as much, in addition even when appearing fully recharged on screen, the action skill bar drops at an alarming rate as long as you have not killed anything, it only stabilizes on killing. Maybe they lowered the proc of good misfortune from seing dead?

Looks like it. I don’t use redistributor, so I was solely relying on Good Misfortune proc and now the build is barely playable and I have to take pauses and run out of fights, because I’m not dealing any damage and I’m being basically two shot by anything. On M10 that is.
I won’t even bother looking for a new build, will start looking for a new game or get back to BL2.

I apologize, this time it wasn’t Gearbox. It’s was the other usual culprit - Epis store…
Messed up my cloud synced profile.