What exactly is Amara’s class mod?

This may be a terribly ignorant question but I have no clue what it actually is. Fl4k has a keychain, Moze has a canteen, and Zane has binoculars… Is there a specific thing Amara’s is?


I just hate that it looks exactly like a grenade mod.

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It’s called garbage. Dont be her if your first starting off her class upgrades suck. She doesn’t use crazy strength or godlike powers that other sirens have. Also her comments during the game are so annoying. Not a single funny comment.

Random Amara hate, but okay.

Pfft! I thought it was supposed to be (look like) a sparkly grenade mod. :joy: But, yeah, youre totally right i didnt see that before. I’m constantly mixing up my grenade mods and class mods.