What exactly is playthrough 2.5 and just how does it work?

im on playthrough 2, as far as i know. is playthrough 2.5 the 3rd playthrough? is it halfway through the second playthrough?


It’s not really either. Whenever you complete the main story in Pt.2, you are then in Pt.2.5. It’s basically acknowledging that you can keep playing long after you’ve finished the story part of the game. Unlike BL2/TPS, there’s no story reset available, but you can finish all incomplete side quests and DLCs, and farm for loot.

Might want to take a quick look here:


I always do pt1 till I unlock the 4 weapon slots and decent level 40 weapons then Knoxx till I get to 50. Then in pt2 and I try to sneak past the ridgeway to get to the drifters so they level me up to 60 in no time. Its hard to get past the ridgeway but doable.

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