What exactly is powerlevelling?

I see a lot of threads with people asking to be “powerlevelled”- what exactly does this entail? I understand that, obviously, it means grinding out levels fast, but how? Borderlands’ best method of getting XP seems to be doing quests, or is there some sort of farming spot killing some monster or something else entirely I’m missing out on?

For TPS, it would be the Guardian Hunter mission. You have to capture guardians in pokeballs. If you don’t capture, but instead kill them, then another one will immediately spawn. If someone, like say a player with a level 70 character, takes a lower level friend to the spawn point and just rapidly kills them, then the lower level character will gain levels very quickly.

I happened to join a lobby where this was happen yesterday. I’d initially planned to play Nisha, but when I saw this was happening, I switched to Claptrap, and gained nearly 10 levels in half an hour.

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Power leveling usually involves getting an already high level character (either one of yours in split screen or a friend) and joining his game with the character to be powerleveled so that the XP reward for completing quests and killing enemies is proportionally much higher than it should.

But since you are so low level, you can’t really help.

It’s kinda boring but if you enjoy high level play more than the leveling, it can be worth it.

Some tricks like the hunter quest mentioned above can make the process even faster.

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The down-side to power-levelling if done too soon is that you don’t learn to play either the game or the character you’ve chosen. If you’ve played the game all the way through, and just want a second version of the same character so you can easily run two different builds, I don’t see why not. As Chuck80 said, though:


Yeah, basically this. Powerleveling was an unintended side effect for me a couple of days ago. I was using a high-level character to grab moonstones for my Lv-9 second-profile courier (who is more efficient at distributing gear among primary-profile toons than the 4-item stash) so he could expand his backpack. The Claptastic boss stages are great for that, and safe for a low-level unattended character. When I was done, he was at Lv 17.

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I’d definitely recommend playing through at least normal mode with a character before getting power leveled. That way you at least learn the basics behind them. It is boring, but it’s over faster than doing it the hard way on your own. And personally, I have more fun playing a level 70 character than the slow grind to get them there.

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This, though it is perfectly acceptable to powerlevel your toon 1 to 3 levels if for some reason you feel it may be a little underlevel and not quite up to getting through the next mission.

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Yea. I can safely say that I’ve earned all my powerleveling. I took every character to 50+ except for wilhelm and claptrap. They were at 35 and 43. I played everyone through normal and more and learned their challenges.

Everyone else I got to 50, 55, 60 and 70. Then I started powerleveling my lady hammerlock because I wanted to change things up. Once I got her there, I continued with the others until they were all 70. I took the shortcut mostly because I wanted to experience them all at their full potential. And I have a couple other games backlogged I really should get to, ha! But basically, I wanted to not worry about gear level anymore and wanted to exchange gear with them all at 70. And try to see how much of a badass crew I can make.

Even still I foresee that I will end up making a fresh character again someday and playing from 1 to 70 without any powerleveling. Because at that point it won’t be about reaching max level or gear hunting. It will be about building a growing badass with a constant cycle of improving old gear with new gear. I suspect that this would be about a year from now when I likely will decide to revisit all the borderlands games again. I seem to revisit each one yearly+ now.