What exactly is the end game in BL3?

I’m currently around level 15 or so and slightly curious on what is to come end game wise, the other part of me is wanting to go in blind, figure it out when I get there because that has an experience in its own. I’ve asked some of the streamers on twitch this same question and seem to get back one word answers like “Grind.” But grind for what exactly? To get the best set up / character build? Then what?

Then what - the unreleased raids… Right now there really isn’t end game content just a means to build for endgame. So as for wanting to go in blind, no real option since it doesn’t exist yet.

Awhh, so now the answer “grind” makes more sense now. Grind to prepare for the raids. Is Raid content a for-sure thing that is being added or is it just speculation??

[quote=“bvhjdbvkjf.unhacked, post:2, topic:3986836”]
So as for wanting to go in blind, no real option since it doesn’t exist yet.
[/quote] I chuckled a bit out loud at this.

Play the game with it.

To many endgame is raids and farming gear.

To me it’s discovery of the game, with all the gear and skills comes almost limitless potential for builds so for me it’s trying as much of the gear as possible.


Grinding better gear is and always has been the “Endgame” in Borderlands titles. Grinding for that perfect roll in in particular gear. All so you can curb stomp raid bosses easier. Until some DLC’s come out we don’t have a raid boss yet. My biggest fear is they’ll release s level increase and make my gear useless wasting all that grinding. If they’re smart they’ll wait until all DLC’s are released before bringing a level increase.

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End game at the moment is to farm gear until it’s nerfed, then sell it and farm more gear that will get nerfed, then sell that and farm more gear… That will get nerfed, then sell that and…

Well you get the picture.

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Heard about people being able to create their own weapons, is this something people are doing through scripts like modding or is it actual in game content?

Definitely modding, not kosher game play.

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See this is actually the biggest problem I have with current endgame systems… I don’t have a need to 1 shot the final bad guy. I just want to pull off a flawless run and I’m good, don’t need perfect stats just gear and then the skill for the encounter.

This would appeal to me more if the world was constantly evolving. I could so get into the ‘endgame’ if for example the different weapons manufacturers hired us to explore new worlds and vaults. Unfortunately borderlands has always been much more linear shooter than rpg…

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