What exactly is the point of Urad and Deathless now?

It’s no higher than N2mags and STNL Cryo but still retains the massive price of no heatlh gate. Wtf ???


Doesn’t Urad affect grenades and other stuff, while N2mags and STNL Cryo only affects your gun?


Yes it does, however that’s little to no consolation really. For most people this means a little extra dfamage from grenades thats’s all. It doesn’t outweigh being tied to a specific artifact and having no heathgate.

I mean, you could use a Front-Loader shield instead of a Deathless artifact. :man_shrugging:

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It’s a bad trade off, Front Loader literally does nothing in this scenario except activate Urad. With all the recent OP shields being released you cannot afford to have a shield slot littered with junk. There’s much more of a damage gap between different shields now then there is between artifacts.


Well, least I can level up throughout the tentacles dlc to 72 to get a new pearl that I was already hunting for

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Oh don’t get me wrong, you think I farm eridium? Jokes aside, I find if I go too deep with… THAT, the ‘point’ of the game gets lost for me. I’m like, “why am I even playing if I can just… Have it” ya know?
But I need a pearl because I only had one lvl 50 one and sold it, so. I need one haha

The re-roll machine and a very very very, very large sum of eridium make the game enjoyable for me, cause I can re-roll it as much as I want.


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  1. URad affects Action Skill Damage, grenades, melee, and everything else that comes from you.

  2. It’s always on, even if you switch…so you don’t have to bother with I.Cub/I.Bear/AS stuff, or losing anointments when you switch.

  3. The explosions from the radiation (especially on Moze) can chain kill groups of enemies.

  4. Losing health gate doesn’t matter on Moze if you’re stacking 300-500k shields with Rushing Offensive, so she counteracts the flaw completely (except one-shots, but you can just dodge those).


I’m using a Deathless+Urad build Moze for a year now ‘since previous cartel’ and its my fav playstyle with her.
Its just comfortable that I don’t have to bother with anything and its always active and the explosions are satisfying too.

Even after the nerf it destroys stuff with lvl 65 weapons at lvl 72.

Now to re farm a half bank worth of Urad weapons. :laughing:


This is basically a quality of life list. Before the nerf the only real reason to lock yoursefl into a Deathless artifsact was the 50% bonus it had over other similar anointments, now it’s basically useless.

Quality of Life or not, them’s the breaks :point_up:

To each his own…If you feel it’s useless don’t use it

It doesn’t matter on any VH, really. I main Amara and have used a deathless urad setup since the last Cartel event. I can finish a True Maliwan Takedown run in under 7.5 minutes. Healthgate in BL3 hasn’t really existed at all, which, imo, is a welcomed changed from what we had to deal with in BL2 endgame.


Yea I saw your gameplay videos…they’re awesome

That’s another thing I forgot about…If you’re killing fast (probably because of URad), then there’s no one left to down you in the first place

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Not saying it mattered that much but if an item has an obvious downside it should have a proper bonus to balance it out. As it is it’s pretty much a joke.

And, they don’t seem to test.

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What the hell is wrong with you? Lol

The guy gave you a perfectly reasonable response and you come in hot.


Yeah, been running a Urad lucky 7 moze set and a maliwan set and it was pretty comfortable leveling. It really is all about that QoL.


Um, the upside to the deathless artifact is that it takes your health and adds it to your shield. The even better upside is that you can have urad active 100% of the time. There is no other anointment that is up 100% of the time just by using an artifact. The decrease from 150% to 100% does not make a difference in endgame at level 72. In fact, because of the increase in levels, my snowdrift deathless now lets me move faster in a slide, thus making it very likely that I can increase my speedrun times. Here’s a little video to show how ‘useless’ the deathless artifact is: