What exactly is the point of Urad and Deathless now?

I get that, but your shield would be close to 1k with a deathless, bloodletter, triple turtle madcaps on Moze…lol

If I kill fast enough then I do not need to.


There’s been alot of talk about the deathless but the best one that works with Urad Imo is the atom balm version that enhances your rad damage and with a radiation damage and area effect rolls on it,my Moze rad explosions are doing what they were before the nerf and still deleting anything in her way and it just completely wreck’s.I have very good survivability and use old gods,mad cap,infernal
wih,transformer and super soldier to suit the situation

Carigun is correct.Speed Kills … the faster you can take them out means they can’t kill you


@Noblechillz Obviously many Urad builds require Deathless. The Urad damage by itself is very strong, but the Atom Balm just synergizes so well with the Urad - it’s like PB&J. Two peas in a pod! Two bullets in a mag!

You don’t have to use an Atom Balm with a Urad setup - but damn if it doesn’t just makes it that much better. I love builds where all the gear and skill selections complement each other this well.


I just sent an Atom Balm to someone on my friends list- I really have to try this build one day…

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N2M and similar don’t really benefit short fuse or Skag den or big surplus while Urad does, right? That alone should make Urad considerably more powerful on Moze than most if not all other 100% bonuses, since those skills are where most of her damage comes from.

On Amara action skills can be a big part of your damage so again Urad seems clearly very beneficial over most other annoints, then there’s melee builds too that ought to get great mileage out of Urad. Then there’s Rak Attack Fl4k builds etc. Seems like a lot of really strong use cases for Urad across most of the VHs so I’m struggling to see an issue with it honestly.

Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve been reading through a lot of the damage formula threads recently and that’s my recollection.


My soul for an Atom Balm Deathless.

I’ve tried a Frontloader to get under the 50%, then used an Atom Balm no urad relic. But it seems like a compromise. Still yearning for the day I can find a proper Atom Balm Deathless. Supposedly Phoenix is the mini-boss to farm, but I rarely get deathless from her. Mostly Phoenix tears.

Ruiner is dropping lots of Deathless variants… I got an Ice Spiker Deathless just last night…

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I think gearbox really missed the mark with the annoint changes.

The entire point was everyone was using Urad and the other general, non-charater specific annoints and wrongly assumed that it was simply because those were too strong and the character specific ones too weak. They might be a small part of it.

But by far the biggest reason, at least for me personally, and why I still use the nerfed annoints is that they are just the most consistent. You get bonus damage/value just by simply using your guns and it’s there whether or not you have your action skill on cooldown.

The other annoints too easily lead to lopsided damage output where you either have damage while using your action skill or you have damage only after it ends.


Aren’t you on Xbone? I’ll send you one if so.

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Having rad applied to everything makes it better damage increase even now.

I never used it before but by god… I have a flak that destroyes everything without ever firing a bullet :joy:

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Iron Cub says hello.


Yep,still blowing sh** up on all 4 vh’s with atom balm deathless builds and with very good survivability even on FL4K and Amara.


Thanks, appreciate it, but I’m on PS4

Just add me an i’ll send you one,Cheers mate

It’s still by far my favorite annoint to build around.

I just think gearbox needs to look at why it’s such a popular annoint aside from just the damage numbers.


One of the great things about it is you can easily switch guns without penalties. Next 2 mags is a pretty solid anoint right now, but it’s a bit frustrating having to set up the anoint every time you swap weapons.


Yeah, no need (or at least minimal need) to micro-manage skills and weapon characteristics with the generics.

Micro-management in a looter-shooter is just not fun for me. :yawning_face: Shooting and looting, however, is very fun for me, and builds like URAD Deathless satisfy that goal very nicely. :grin:

Edit: I just created a poll that (hopefully) reflects this idea around micro-management for those who are interested.


Done :slight_smile: Thanks very much !!

The Ruiner dropped another Atom balm deathless yesterday. It’s my go-to farm for artifacts & eridium…