What exactly is the point of Urad and Deathless now?

Legit made me want to make an Amara since I’ve never played her past lvl 10 from that vid

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Other than the fact it affects action skills and grenades where ase elements dont.

Basically not useless then, just more specific in its benefits.


A minor point but Deathless works a little differently than Front Loader or Moze’s Thin Red Line skill in that it doesn’t reserve health and add it to shields. It’s more like Lunacy where it doubles your shield capacity, but then sets your hp to 1. Most times that won’t make much difference but when there’s a big variance between shield cap and hp it could be noticeable.

Equipping Deathless with Turtle Madcap will increase shields by much more than your hp amount. With a plus ultra you’ll get way less shields than you had health.


With more skill points, comes more destruction… and faster speed runs… Here’s a run I just did… My fastest yet with Amara by almost a minute… :open_mouth:

I have a triple turtle madcaps that gives me 543.721 shield capacity… on Amara…

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Will still use urad, I’m still salty about the urad nerf (The ONLY anoint that has risk/reward logic gets slapped, but dumb stuff like “Hey get in your bear/activate Action skill to get DAYMAGE” is ok :roll_eyes:) but overall I still like it because it’s +100% rad damage, with a 100% uptime not dependant on action skill, and it applies to your nades aswell, and nades are freaking powerful in this game, even more powerful than guns now with the Guardian Angel meme.

Re-Volter, urad, Snowdrift Deathless : me fast me happy

I still slap the game with my lvl65 gear. So far I’ve been enjoying cartel, I only got a urad lvl72 OPQ and I really, really, really dont want to go back to farming rn. If I could I would just save edit, but since I’m a PS4 pleb, I’ll wait for someone to help me


gearbox can not do anything about urad as it is straight broken with the way they made it add to so many sources of damage if it only applied to guns it should have stayed 150% but holly lolly why should spark plug urad even exist?


Someone needs to do a build around this interaction, I have only used it on FL4K but it was silly.


I don’t know what the OP is talking about. Urad affects essentially all damage coming from the player, and with a Deathless you still get 100% shield capacity and 20 or 25% recharge delay and rate - Deathless is still a huge survival benefit (depending on the shield you use) and low health still has multiple interactions in several of the VH’s skill trees. Urad is not dependent on use of action skil.

Boom! So there are at least 4 reasons to continue to use Urad and Deathless.


Deathless doesn’t add your health to your shields, it takes all but 1 health out of your health and adds 100% of your shields to your shields.

I found a Spark Plug Deathless (it seems like a unicorn LOL) a while back and have been meaning to play with this interaction.

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I was lucky to find a Spark Plug Deathless for my Fl4k a couple months ago. Before the True Trials began, I was able to clear the Trial of Supremacy faster by slamming with the Spark Plug than with using my guns. Just find a group of baddies, slam and then watch them all explode. If I timed my slam right, I was able to one shot each phase of the Sera as well.


That’s what I meant… Which is actually better depending on the shield you pair it with. Like I said, I get close to 600k in a triple turtle rolled madcaps…

@cobby2828 Nice! I will have to try it, I figure doing that and holding a Guardian Angel should do the trick to put it totally over the top. Now where did I put that Deathless …

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I used a URad Unforgiven :wink:


Well, while we would all rather have it at 150% or even more, 50% less is not gonna be a make or break deal, with level 72 and the extra skill points and the buffed weapons, the anoints are even not as important on some of the weapons and that uRad still buffs every damage source including skill damage, so it makes sense. Also notice health on enemies is not even buffed to the same level as your own gear, that’s why level 65 weapons still make an impact on level 72+ enemies…
Just for the sake of it, I’ve killed GraveWard with level 72 Bekah with a wrong anointment (the Gravity Snare anoint, while using Fade Away) so literally no anoint was used on the weapon, and just 50% Incendiary ASE on shield active and it died super quick.


@xvampirex I just ran a M11 TMTD with my level 72 skill points and level 65 gears and had absolutely zero problems. In fact, this actually is much, much closer to the difficulty of BL2, probably somewhere around the difficulty level of playing UVHM. Not BL2 OP levels, but just normal BL2 UVHM.

I actually kind of like playing level 72 M11 with level 65 gear. This is closer to the level of challenge I hoped for with the game - not ridiculously or frustratingly difficult, but not a cakewalk either. You still feel very powerful with that setup. I am not so sure I am actually going to upgrade my gear other than a few pieces so that I can speedkill some bosses maybe.

If GBX would make a Mayhem 18, maybe that would match this? :rofl:

I guess if GBX won’t make the game what it should be, which it is clear at this point that they either lack the intention or the ability to do (or both - the game IS two years old, after all, so if they haven’t done it yet, we can fairly safely assume that they won’t), then we can “adjust” the game’s difficulty through artificial means.


Exactly what I’m saying. We’re getting too many buffs, time to get some nerfs every now and then :wink:

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@xvampirex Self-nerfing = acceptable, GBX nerfs = nuclear apocalypse


(Or at least that would be what you thought if you only read these forums)


You still have +100% rad damage to everything permanently.

I personally always found Urad/Deathless to be overrated. Consecutive hits is by and far the best anointment in the game, even after it’s nerf. Even before the update, consecutive hits maxed around 200% where Urad is 150%. All you need is a level 30 Sellout to DOT yourself or a solid elemental weapon to get max stacks on consecutive hits really fast.

Sorry to spoil it for you, but Consecutive Hits is 100% now also…

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