What exactly is the point of Urad and Deathless now?

In the case of a gun build Amara, you’re stuck with the Pearl yeah, giving up pearl means losing damage as she needs that gun damage bonus in her formula. Other VHs are way more flexible when it comes to relics.

Using anything else but pearl on gun Amara is losing damage.

true but you do not always need the damn damage

Yep, especially when a lot of builds handle the game very well atm

True but with that said, company mans can work as a good substitute if you are willing to give it a shot, especially maliwan company man with the crit.

I am doing Facepuncher with Cryo Stone Static Charge. You get +80% cryo and +50% shock which you can boost to 200%. With Driver, melee focus skills, and level 1 Ward I 1 shot almost every enemy in the game.

Or I would… IF I HAD A LEVEL 72 FACEPUNCHER!!! Still tryna farm for a new one LOL

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Personal opinion here, but Fl4k’s Front Loader/Pearl setup was suicidal prior to the release of level 72. Literally constantly going down. You just don’t get the full benefit of Shared Spirit unfortunately unless you take it all the way down to 1 HP. The Front Loader/Pearl setup is definitely powerful, but the drawback is a big one.

I haven’t tested that setup since level 72 came out, but it could be a better setup now possibly.

I don’t know why this has not been brought up here yet, but since the release of DLC6, Urad’s advantage has diminished considerably for many builds.

Prior to DLC6, my Urad/Frontloader Fl4k easily outpaced my CH/Pearl Fl4k in terms of damage, but after I gave each of them an ASS Revolter shield, CH/Pearl Fl4k outdamage Urad/Deathless Fl4k now.

I haven’t properly tested it, but I am pretty certain this happened due to the diminishing return to the Urad setup for having too much V2 damage.

I don’t know about other VH’s, but if you are a Fl4k running Urad with Revolter, you are sacrificing survivability for LESS damage. This latest nerf to Urad just made it worse.

Well that explains it… I abhor the Driver COM. And I don’t know what you mean by garbo shield? If I use a deathless artifact, I can use any shield I want. And like I said, the Deathless gives you 100% shield capacity which way more than the highest health/shield combo you can get with it. But to each their own, man. You do you and enjoy the Pearl. All I need to say in closing is that urad is an anointment and Pearl an artifact. So you can combine both. But, from my extensive testing of my build, urad outclasses the Pearl in overall speed killing because I can combine it with snowdrift. If snowdrift was available in some other stat form, I’d love to be able to combine the pearl and snowdrift to see if that would be a faster build.

Oh, one more thing. I hate the driver COM because of the ridiculous speeds you can go. That makes me nauseous and the same reasons why I don’t do that speed Zane build, too. Snowdrift gives me a good speed increase when I want it. I play a lot of sniper with Amara and the Bird of Prey. So anything going supersonic on the screen does not help with crit hits.

This is why I prefer the Deathless/whatever shield combo over Frontloader/whatever artifact routes. The survivability is so much greater on any VH with the prior combo. That is, assuming, any hp regen isn’t being used.

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@Arthicrex IMO the shield to run with the Urad/Deathless setup these days is hands-down the Infernal Wish. You get the extra pellet plus you get the 1.6 second recharge delay and a huge recharge rate, both of which are made even stronger by the effects of the Deathless.

You just want to use primarily single-pellet or lower pellet-count weapons to maximize your damage from the IW. Not to say that adding a pellet to a multi-pellet weapon like the Light Show or Hellfire doesn’t work too (because it does help). And also you are going to want a version of the IW shield that has shield boosters (if possible, although not required, but it does help).


This one, right here.

I am tired of developers deciding how I should play and penalizing me for not wanting to get all into whatever cool skill/gear combos they created. I have never been a fan of nerfing anything, especially when the game in question is strictly PVE. I don’t care how OP something is. Sometimes OP is what you want as a player and when you put in countless hours on a game (and franchise) sometimes all you want to do is run around like a badass and mop the floor with whatever you come across. Having an OP piece of gear is a reward for all the hard work of playing the game. If you want to balance things out, just beef up the other gear, but leave whatever I am having fun with alone, please.

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Yeah they should put urad back at 150%. It’s not worth using as it is and the builds that used it before were sort of niche anyways since you’re locked into Front Loader or Deathless.

Looks at Weapon damage 200 asa… Urad… 300/90

plays Elton John - Candle in the wind

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I don’t find that true at all. I use a Deathless artifact, and with all the other boosts via stats, stacking, COM, grenade anoints, gun anoints, shield anoints, the Pearl is not needed in a gun damage build to get high DPS output from Amara. The only place she lacks, and it’s really not a complaint because it should be like this with all VH’s, is that she takes longer when solo’ing a boss.

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I don’t understand this sentence… The developers are the ones making the game. So if they change something, it’s usually a change to make the game play how they visualized it… Yeah, we may get mad or upset at a change, but GBX can do what they want when it comes to their game, regardless of the player base. Doesn’t mean it’s always a good thing, but… it is their game, not yours.


Have been farming Killavolt since hitting level 72 hoping to get an on level The Transformer shield. Have gotten a lot of stuff (including 3 Wedding Invitations in 1 drop) and- for the first time- got a Deathless artifact (it has the Cryo Stone prefix). Aside from what it normally does it gives +28% to pistol damage (which I love, since I main pistols), +44% melee damage and +28% incendiary damage. As I’m playing Moze, would this be considered a good version to start with?

Just an FYI, the Transformer is no longer a Killavolt dedicated drop. It was moved to Queen Ant Wanette.

While I agree with everything you said, there’s also the part where Games are made to be played by others :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the knowledge drop. :+1:

I’d say it’s better for Amara, but sure, it’s a good starting version

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