What exactly is the point of Urad and Deathless now?

Thanks, appreciate it, but I’m on PS4

Just add me an i’ll send you one,Cheers mate

It’s still by far my favorite annoint to build around.

I just think gearbox needs to look at why it’s such a popular annoint aside from just the damage numbers.


One of the great things about it is you can easily switch guns without penalties. Next 2 mags is a pretty solid anoint right now, but it’s a bit frustrating having to set up the anoint every time you swap weapons.


Yeah, no need (or at least minimal need) to micro-manage skills and weapon characteristics with the generics.

Micro-management in a looter-shooter is just not fun for me. :yawning_face: Shooting and looting, however, is very fun for me, and builds like URAD Deathless satisfy that goal very nicely. :grin:

Edit: I just created a poll that (hopefully) reflects this idea around micro-management for those who are interested.


Done :slight_smile: Thanks very much !!

The Ruiner dropped another Atom balm deathless yesterday. It’s my go-to farm for artifacts & eridium…