What Free Roam games that has Random Battles encounters?

I’m looking for games that has random battles encounters for example.
In Grand Theft Auto series (GTA 3, Vice city and San Andreas ) Random gangs randomly kill each other in sight and also setting up a gang war.
In Skyrim, Sometimes you’ll see stormcloaks, Imperial and other factions battle each others in random locations.
In Fallout 3 and 4, Sometimes you would witness factions Fighting each other (Synth, Enclave, Talon Company, Super Mutants, Brotherhood of Steel and Gunners ) in free Roam.

And EVEN In Red Dead Redemption you always encounter a firefight between a lawman, civilians and outlaws and even choose sides.

And I love that, I want to play games like these so i can Join or watch, And I haven’t found any topic or games list of this? I don’t know if it has a name or is hard to find So that why I ask you guys? What free roam games that have those type of moments?

As you brought up, sandbox games like GTA and Saints Row will usually have cops and other gangs fighting each other. Some of the older cRPGs like Fallout 1 and 2 can sometimes spawn encounters with two groups already killing each other, like Raider packs attacking a caravan. This probably doesn’t count but in Doom (classic Doom mainly) and Condemned you can get enemies to attack each other mid-battle. For an Open World game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. does a bit with survivors fighting other survivors, or survivors fighting rabid wildlife, or wildlife fighting some of the more twisted horrific monsters that appear in the games.

Edit: Just remembered that Just Cause 2 has the government soldiers and revolutionary groups often fighting each other in the streets.


I don´t know if its your taste, but the later Assassins Creed games feature random events and random NPC faction battles. AC-Unity is full of this stuff.

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I see, Thank you for the reply and pointing out games with battle moments and I be checking S.T.A.L.K.E.R. out too, I always wanted to check it out too. And I didn’t know that Just cause 2 have that too LOL cause The game always crash in mid gameplay.

Also @Ganjamira I love Assassin Creed games and played them as well. My last AC game was AC3, even tho I love the game, it was disappointing too but since Unity have random factions battle battles in free roam, I would love to buy it then. ^^
Something that AC3 didn’t have.

I know some of the problems with that. For NVidia cards the game is crash prone if you have Motion Blur and Decals on. For my system (all AMD hardware) the crashing was caused by me turning V-Sync off.

And in relation to Stalker, if you do get them, I’d say it’s pretty much essential to have the following mods:
Shadow of Chernobyl: http://www.metacognix.com/files/stlkrsoc/index.html
Clear Sky: http://www.moddb.com/mods/srp
Both of these are mods that fix majority of the bugs and crash issues the games have (matter of fact Clear Sky is so broken you need that mod to get it to work right) and give some quality of life options if you so desire. Also, if you do not use Internet Explorer, then delete the update KB2670838 from Windows, as that update broke DX10 and DX11 mode for both Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat.

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It is very common to see enemy factions fight each other in Prototype 1. I must have spent hours watching the AI battles in that game. The second game has these battles as well, but they are not as varied in terms of locations and enemy unit types, so I advise giving Prototype 1 a try over the sequel if you want to experience AI battles (and simply because it’s a better game overall).


I see! I’ll try doing that, Thank you, I should of search that a long time ago LOL
And I’ll do that for Stalker, I always wanted to try it out but never have the money to do so, Or I miss it out in a steam sells, Once I buy it, I’ll download those mods you link, Thank you for the warning. :slight_smile:

Also @Eel37 I love prototype 1 and 2
Even when I’m disguise as a soldier and fight the infected. (but I always trigger the soldiers when I shoot a car LOL )
I have both games in PC but played part 2 the most in the red zone but one day P2 stop working. I didn’t do anything to the games, The game just won’t play when i launch it. so I play P1 instead. But thank you for the suggestion.

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Too add to @ACNAero comment about the Zone Reclamation Project for Shadow of Chernobyl. I’m willing to lend a hand in regards to setting the QOL options to your liking. It comes with a ton of options, but alot need seperate scripts that are not included since they dont fit the vanilla experience. Personally have some cut features enabled through the mod.

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Uhhhhh Prototype 1 & 2 are amazing games!!!

AC3 & 4 are my favourites, if you like pirates I can highly recommend AC4-Black Flag.
The random encounters in AC4 are ships, galleons or convoy of ships you can engage in a very realistic seafight, followed by enteing enemy decks and breaking loose some hvoc.

AC-Unity is very beautifully made, but I´m no big fan of french history or Paris. The random fights are great implemented though. ( emerging mass protests which escalate in street fights, faction A vs faction B-fights, “save passenger from Faction B”, ect… alot of stuff^^)

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I feel compelled to mention Sunset Overdrive, as it shares the basic sandbox-style of gameplay and that involves some fights between deadly robots and mutants. (Although it’s not really the game to sneak up on them and actually observe a fight. You’re basically running/jumping around with DmC/Bayonetta-like speed. :smile:)

And to give another perspective on AC: Unity:
I like the mechanical changes they made (rework of free running, manual ‘sneaking’ with a cover mechanic, advanced equipment system), but I didn’t enjoy it as much as it’s predecessors.
I could blame the protagonist, but then again Edward (from Black Flag) isn’t that ‘likeable’ either and I still find it an exceptional game.

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After watching the trailer. I just… I have an instant love for Sunset Overdrive but sadly steam don’t have the game. But I would love to try out the game. Thank you for mentioning it. @Sm0kerCrew

Just gonna quietly place this over in Games And Tech…

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Oh, Thank you. ^^ ( I honestly thought Game and Tech was for gearbox games only) .