What games would you love to see modded?

As the topic says, what games would you love to see modded, either using official modkits or unofficial user made mods and modkits? What kinds of mods would you like to see released for these games? What mods do you think would simply break/spoil the game? What mods would enhance the experience? What kind of mods do you think would fill in the gaps in the games design by adding features that were lacking or were cut from the game? Discuss.

I would love to see some console modding, I would like to have Dragon Age modded for the consoles.

Which one? Do you mean the first one, or do you mean all in the series?

All. The character customization in Inquisition in particular was incredibly weak. Only two voices and a fistful of hairstyles to choose for both male and female inquisitors. Was quite lame considering how big the game is.

Indeed. I really hate it when games give so few options regarding character customization. I wish every game had character creation like Black Desert. And if that’s too complex for some people add in several presets for people to use.

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Evolve, Borderlands 2, The Pre-Sequel, Rocket League.

I think the new Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak should be moddable, or have an easy way of this being done sa it is not on the traditional Homeworld engines. :wink:

I’m not necroing this, I just wanted to put that there. :wink:

diablo 3. now that the real money auction is gone.