What gaming franchises would you love to see Gearbox acquire?

Personally I’d love to see Gearbox pick up the TimeSplitters franchise. I think they could do a lot of great things with it.

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This is after they’ve launched BL3, right? (Just wanted to get that out of the way!)

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Just as long as they make it while I’m still alive and kicking (and able to play games).

MDK Series

+1 for Timesplitters.

I would rather they focus on the franchises they already own. :wink:

Like… a new Brothers in Arms, or a new Duke Nukem.

I have no problem with that. I never said they had to buy it and start working on it now. It would just be nice if they owned the rights and planned on making a new title some time in the future. I want to see a new Duke Nukem from them as well.

Not so much acquire bit I’d love to see gearbox and Bethesda make a game together.

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I think you mean

(In before @MidnightNova :wink: )

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But they weren’t involved in fallout 3, were they?

The New Vegas guys.

Yeah that’s what I thought. I prefer the story and writing of 3 so I’d rather have whoever made it.

Don’t forget @ACNAero :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah. Obsidian doesn’t need GBX to make a good Fallout game ;p

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I know, I was partially being sarcastic.

But, in all honesty, I’m not a big fan of places randomly buying up old IPs instead of coming up with new ideas. Or supporting the IPs they already have… but seen to want to ignore.

Off the top of my head, there are only two examples of old IPs being bought, and redone properly.
Shadow Warrior. Devolver buying the IP was the best thing they could’ve done. Now, Flying Wild Hog can make SW games as they wish.

And, Nigthdive Studios ownership of the System Shock IP. Not only have we gotten re-releases of both games. But, we’re getting a remaster of the first one, and a System Shock 3.

But again, Nightdive… has only specialized in re-releasing titles. This is their first attempt at actually developing a title. So, it’s not a guaranteed hit.
And, Flying Wild Hog… the only IP they own themselves is Hard Reset. And with two studios, they can easily support Hard Reset and continue work on SW. So, it’s not like they are ignoring stuff they could already be using.

It’s like, I’d LOVE to see a new Dead Space from Visceral Games. But, EA would rather have Visceral make new Battlefield and Star Wars games.
Or, how about a Singularity 2 from Raven Software. But, nope, Activision gotta have them making CoD DLC.

BRINK. It would be a match made in heaven.


Earthworm Jim or Clayfighter.

It would be interesting.

a racing game from GBX

With Borderlands vehicle controls and physics? No thanks!

Just for you: Moon Buggy physics! :stuck_out_tongue: