What gear are you running on Shayne & Aurox?

Personally I’m running movement speed, attack damage, and plus to max shields. I was wondering what other people are running as I’m still playing around with her gear. I’ve been trying to decide between attack speed and attack damage but attack speed didn’t seem to be helping me stick the kills. I’m not sure about movement speed either. I feel like in general it’s good for melee characters but since Shayne has fetch, I’m not sure it’s really necessary for her. She has a lot of helix options that affect shields so I’m tempted to go pure shield, plus max shield, minus shield recharge delay, plus shield recharge per second, but that just seems like an odd build to go with. Part of me wonders if some health regen wouldn’t do her good or maybe healing received to help make the supply station in Incursion more effective. What do you all think?

Movement speed/more movement speed on taking health damage
Attack damage\attack speed on melee hit
Attack speed\attack speed on shield damage.

Attack speed I find doesn’t help you until you stack two or three buffs on it, I wind up with around 20% with this, and the damage increase is around 7% flat, so I hit really hard, really fast, and the movement speed when I’m taking health damage winds up around 12% or so, which is the part that lets me stick to a kill.

You’re not going to have attack speed help you stick to a kill though, it’s just going to help you get an extra hit or two in during a fight, if you’re only running a small increase, that chance isn’t worth it IMO, I find she hits like a truck once you get over %20 though, because you can rain blows on someone.

I rarely mess with shield buffs since they only help you if you’re already winning fights and retreating, otherwise a straight up health increase will get you more hitpoints in an actual fight, but Shayne’s tanky enough on her own, especially when you factor in her invis to get away, and free overshield if you’re in trouble. I don’t see the need to spec numbers into trying to survive when she’s got it already built in.

If I were to run something tanky, I’d probably run a health increase with health regen under %50 (people underestimate those items, they make people commit to a fight and then help you live longer, three stacked together can wreck someone) That or a flat damage reduction item/cooldown type item

I never sit on the healing station with her, she’s too big of a target, I’d rather just back, grab some shards on the way back, and finish some gear/grab some XP. I generally don’t run a healing received buff on anyone unless I’m a tank and there’s a healer on my team, otherwise the health regen is only really going to help you out of combat, I’d rather run something which will help me end the fight in my favor, rather than hope that it does end in my favor and then I can use my items. S&A aren’t really wave clear characters, or tanks, so it’s not a big deal if you have to retreat from the front lines to recover.

Fetch helps you engage, but it doesn’t help you finish kills, that’s why you’ll need Atk and Damage

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I’ve been playing with 2 loadouts

One is

  • Shards (white with negative reload so 0 cost)
  • Attack Speed (white with close to max stats 300 range)
  • Health regen (blue 800 range)

I have this set up for pvp because the shards help me level faster by being able to build fast, also since my attack speed is white its 300 something cost so I can get it sometimes before I even see my first enemy. I go with the health regen not to help me in combat but helps me get back in the fight faster so I don’t need to go back to base and I can heal up between pushes/waves.

I love attack speed, not only because melee but the boomerang toss really gets good with it combined with the bounce and the fact you don’t have reload speed.

With fetch stun and stealth strike slow I want to get as many attacks in as possible.

i have a green attack damage 500 ish shards gives me move speed if i melee attack has a negative to my reload time,

the legendary lore gear but i will take it off if i intend to play capture for a white shield buff i have don’t rem the details

and a move speed green boots that give me attack speed if i get a critical hit .

although iv been playing advanced with him using the legendary that gives damage reduction and shards, a blue sheild regen and a blue health regen both ate 800ish shards and have some negigable secondary effect, i have found if u go down the tank helix with oversheild reactivate sheild on skill usage u can take minimal damage and i often have 20-30k shards so i could build all the turrets etc have competed all advanced missions with this build (yes sabatour )

I’ll have to look at my gear, don’t know if I could build quite that loadout (random gear is random). Appreciate the advice though. I hadn’t thought about stacking attack damage and attack speed, though that may be the ticket. I have just been getting annoyed at how often people get away from me. From what I can gather they’re meant to be assassins. Open with stealth strike, then start attacking, then fetch either to get yourself the overshield or because theyr’e running away, yet I often just don’t seem to be doing enough damage to finish off my targets.

I actually try not to engage with the cloak, if you’re using your slow from stealth strike at the start of the fight, you won’t have it to help you finish them off and keep them from escaping. They don’t need slowed when they’re just starting to fight, they think they’re okay and are likely to try to fight for a second or two before their health bar starts to alarm them. Remember, each hit is important, and if you can get them in without spending any abilities, you’re saving confirmed hits for the end with your abilities (or an escape if the fight turns against you)

I tend to focus people that are already engaged with a teammate, if their focus is on someone else, you can usually just walk right up and start swinging, once you’re on them they’ll try to run, and that’s when you turn the camo on to slip into the backline to hit the people trying to run, or you can just use fetch to pull them back. If you pull someone back in and immediately hit them with the camo slow, they are not getting away :wink:

If you’re opening up with stealth strike, you’re probably throwing away 3 or 4 easy hits from the end of the fight

i completely agree here.

the best possible engage is a flank, aa (stun if u have) aa until dead then until they leave then cloak away to safety

that being said it makes a nice tool if both parties low to reposition behind etc or our of range if melee and then use the bang arang .

i have rarely used the cloak to engage vs a target doing wraiths etc so they dont see me on the map or if i wann sneak past to get at turrets in meltdown etc

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The slow effect from coming out of cloak can really help, I’ve started to really use that AOE + Slow to attack.

I’ll fetch hit a few times and when they try to run I cloak and cancel really quick and win. Because I also take the skill that starts my shield regen after a skill at that point I’m really beefy and I can get away if I need to.

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I use 2 different loadouts depending on Mode.
PvP Meltdown I use;
Rare Shard Generator ~500 activation, ~1.78 sps (shards per second) and ~1.40 sps for 10 seconds after killing a minion or minor enemy. This helps me stack up the shards quickly so I can build a lot of turrets and buy Super Minions.

Uncommon Max Shields (-reload), it also gives me about 1.3 sps when my shields are depleted.

Common -Buildable cost with -reload. I’m wave clearing AND building everything with the many shards.

Incursion and Story modes.
Legendary Vow of Vengeance (+attack damage, +Attack Speed, and stacks attack damage after melee hits max 5 stacks)

The same shard generator as above. It’s really good when you have a bunch of minions around to kill. I can get about 10 seconds of gaining about 3.5 sps

And I alternate between S&A’s character legendary OR attack speed buff +Attack Speed when taking shield damage.

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I’ve been using Attack Damage/Attack Speed on Melee Hit, Movement Speed/Movement Speed on Melee Hit, Shayne Gear

I also have an Attack Damage/Attack Speed and Sprint Speed/Sprit Speed on cool down gear, but I feel that the other 3 are much better

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shield delay, shield strength, unique legendary. I prefer to use shayne and aurox as a front-line bruiser.

I use a Shard Generator with +1.71 shards per second and minus some big percent healing power. Makes it free.

Their Legendary with Shield Regen per second and +5.9(?)% Attack Speed.

White Dagger with +9.8% attack speed.

I use
Wolfskin - 38.71 shield recharge, 98 shield strenght and reduces knockback distance by 50%
Some random purple sword - 5.80% attack speed and 210 Max health
some random purple X looking thing - 1.0 secs less for shield recharge and 4.20% attack speed

I guess I’ll post an update since it’s been a long time since I made this post and I’m now a Shayne & Aurox master. Personally, and I’m just going to say this is what I’m running and not say others should copy me, but I’m running her legendary, + max shields, and an attack speed item.

I play her as an off-tank and Shamrox are really shield-based IMO. Highest starting base shields and Shayne gets a speed boost whenever Aurox (her shield) breaks. So the legendary helps recharge shields, plus gives you that awesome unique perk with the boomerang, and max shields helps your survivability. Attack speed syncs up with the second skill on her lore legendary and helps you land kills.

I just stack full attack speed.

Blue LLC sword: +atk speed and +atk speed on shield taking damage.
Green jennerit gauntlet: +atk dmg +atk speed on melee hit

For the last slot I’m switching b/w her legendary and the Doomsday Key.
Both have shield buffs and atk speed buffs.

I’ve recently fallen in love with S&A’s boomerang, so I go with:

The Pacifier
Vow of Zealous Fury
Purple Syringe with shield recharge rate (switch for white shard generator for PvP)

I have found that the pacifier is amazing with her 'rangs, it’s a 10% attack damage debuff for 5 seconds on any enemy you damage, and with the ricochet and the high APS of the 'rangs I find that I can debuff an entire room and keep them debuffed for the entire fight.

This is a late response but my dream class for them is modernersta or something like that for shield strength gogo juice for sprint speed and vow of zealous fury for Attk speed

Appreciate the tips in this thread, I have Shane at level 3 and plan on making it the next character I master.
Just did a test Solo on Sabo Advanced, wow!

note: Already maxed/mastered: Thorn, Alani, Oscar Mike, Deande, Galilea, Marquis and most recently Ambra.

Yeah she’s really great but lacks CC effects so I started using boots of the brutes even after the nerf. Also paired it up with Vow of Zealous Fury and a 0 cost shard generator.

I have stuck with her, just love the Balloons skin.
Took Pendles to level 15 then went back to Shane,who is level 15 now. :smile: