What gear are you running on Shayne & Aurox?

(Can't stand ya) #21

Lacks CC?

She has a slow and a pull/stun.

(Master of the Rogues) #22

yeah but her slow is only 3 seconds and can only be used about every 20 seconds (Forgot the specific CD time). You also have to decide which one you want, pull/stun. I always stick with the pull because i always go for the mutation that allows me to pull everything aurox phases through and then I use my slow effect if it’s not on CD or use my boots of the brutes if i have it activated. When i meant lack i meant compared to most melee characters they have more CC effects such as rath who can knock you up then slow you which makes for a devastating combo or Galilea who can pull, wound, slow and/or stun you.

(Can't stand ya) #23

Shaurox can pull/stun to slow… how much more do you need?