What gear/build do you plan on using with Pendles?

Since there isn’t a Pendles page just yet i’m just gonna put this under the Rogues page.

What gear do you plan on using with him for both PvE/PvP?

From what everybody has seen with his helix what do you plan on going with once we all get to enjoy sneking around and silently eviscerating our enemies!?

I’m personally going to be going with atk dmg/skill dmg/atk speed for PvE and for PvP i’m going with atk speed/movement speed/shard regen & buildable cost, I really feel like his early game is gonna be kind of slow so I want to make up for that with getting him lvl’ed up asap.

If the helix tree w/mutations on http://battleborn.wikia.com/wiki/Pendles are accurate I see a LOT of potential with Pendles.

For PvE (including mutations):

lvl 1. Poison Cloud (DoT dmg base 80 over 2 seconds so the extra 3 seconds should bump it up to 200 dmg over 5 seconds)

lvl 2. Ninjineering (my only question with this is in order to go invisible do you have to be in the AoE of the smoke bomb or does invis auto activate?)

lvl 3. Torn between Backstab and Flurry of Blows (I guess depending on your loadout you could go either direction, BS if you already stack atk speed or you can go with atk dmg if you go with Flurry of Blows)

lvl 4. Savage Cut (Stacking that with Poison Cloud)

lvl 5. Escape Plan (I want to see how this actually works in game, does it reduce per hit? reduce by total dmg taken?)

lvl 6. Sweet Spot (250 base dmg from injection including the 90 over 3 seconds from Savage Cut)

lvl 7. Deeper Pockets (I really feel like this helix and the mutation are geared more towards PvP, curious how much of a height increase you get from Coiled Spring?)

lvl 8. Torn between Acidic Blast and From the Shadows (I want to see if Acidic Blast increases just the initial dmg for smoke bomb or if it also increases the DoT dmg, From the Shadows if it stacks with Sweet Spot would make for a 40% dmg increase to injection when atking from behind)

lvl 9. Relentless Strikes (does it reduce per swing? per combo animation?)

lvl 10. Venom Synergy (stacked with Sweet Spot and From the Shadows a boss could be taking up to 60% increased dmg from injection not including the dmg from smoke bomb and Savage Cut)

For PvP

lvl 1. Cobra Strike (gotta catch those little jennerit babies that are trying to run away, interested in seeing how much ground he covers with Cobra Strike)

lvl 2. Flash Bomb (Good against enemies that don’t have a AoE ability)

lvl 3. Mamba’s Bite (This along with Life Leech and Escape Plan is going to be a nasty combo)

lvl 4. Life Leech (Just from what i’ve read here the speculation is he’s gonna be squishy so the health regen is going to be a must)

lvl 5. Escape Plan (I feel like having smoke bomb at the ready and Cobra Strike is going to be a must for getting away from a 1v1 if they have the upper hand or if you are getting tag teamed)

lvl 6. it’s a tie for me between Feint and Sweet Spot (Depends on personal playstyle and how brave you are I guess)

lvl 7. Poison Blood (Combining this with lvl 3/4/5 talents makes him feel like a semi squishy tank)

lvl 8. From the Shadows (That little bit of extra dmg chasing somebody that’s about to die is gonna be crucial)

lvl 9. Relentless Strikes (Although Slippery would definitely get you out of a pinch the skill rotation i’m picturing in my head you should have either one of your skills ready if you needed to escape)

lvl 10. Necrosis (W/ healers on the opposing team)/ Venom Synergy (No healers on opposing team)

Let me know what you guys think!

Attack speed… ALL the attack speed.


@Kaleidodemon Hey dude, do you happen to know if there’s a ATK speed cap?

I was gonna choose the helix tree for extra attack speed and go full sprint/movement speed and Cooldown. Sneky snake running all over the place and being annoying as hell is on my mind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I could definitely see that making a difference, having the extra CD reduction is just gonna leave you open to having more smoke bombs and injections for sneking people to death lol

Posted a build idea in one of the threads in the News section.

I have a feeling Pendles is going to be very squishy, so the lifesteal and poison blood options didn’t seem very attractive to me.

Yup! More movement speed to get out of “line of sight” will help take advantage of his stealth passive

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I think he will be squishy too, from what I read on your post we’ve got some similar views on his helix but we’ll just have to wait and see what kind of base stats he’s working with.

If he’s got over 1000 health, by which I mean like 1200 I am all onboard for lifesteal, at the very least the Life Leech choice.

If he’s sub 1000 like I am expecting, I think the lifesteal will be too insignificant to matter, you’ll get burst down too quickly. Better to focus on his clear strengths of being difficult to pin down, get your damage/kill in, get out, find a healer or teleport back.

It does also depend on his base damage and speed as well, I suppose. Good enough damage and attack speed, 15% lifesteal could be quite nice.

I am very impatient to see what he’s capable of. Hoping a gameplay video drops tomorrow instead of Thursday morning. Something like what they did with Alani where they played the 3v3 Meltdown matches.

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Same here man

Skill damage, attack speed, and sprint speed. Get in and kill, then disappear.

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Well it looks like we won’t be seeing Pendles unedited gameplay until 6 hours after early access has started.

Oh well!

My, admittedly PvE centered, build will probably look like…


I might replace the level 3 (currently the attack speed option) for the life steal option if it seems like he’s too squishy alone. Some of it is going to depend on his lore legendary: if it gives him regen while cloaked or after using Smoke Bomb, it might not be needed.

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Lol yeah I saw that, I’m sure most of us will already have a couple hours in on him by the time the livestream airs.

I didn’t even think about his lore legendary haha XD

I’m probably the wrong person to ask this question. Skelion or lowlines might be the right people to ask. There may be others but I can’t think of the names off the top of my head.

[quote=“Kaleidodemon, post:16, topic:1542129, full:true”]I’m probably the wrong person to ask this question. Skelion or lowlines might be the right people to ask. There may be others but I can’t think of the names off the top of my head.

Without access to really good data acquisition methods or in game numbers, it’s going to be pretty much impossible to figure out if there’s a (hard) attack speed cap since, if there is one, it’s got to be really close to the soft cap, which means that it will be below the level at which we can reliably perceive a difference to exist with just our eyes.

As it stands, I’m reasonably confident that there isn’t a (practical) hard cap to attack speed, mainly because it’s impossible to stack that much attack speed (Galilea used to be able to get 35% from helix and about another 30% from gear, both of which were very noticeable increases that didn’t seem limited otherwise; now the highest attack speed is, unless I’m mistaken, Alani with her 20% from helix and 25% from gear).

Gotcha, okay cool I think I’m gonna play around with my gear and see how much atk speed I can stack and test it out to see if I can notice a difference.

I’ll probably try out some of those useless -CC Duration gear, maybe Hate Reflector (+Sprint Speed +20% chance to reflect CC back) or Helm of the Imperium (+Crit damage +AtkDamage after recovering from CC). Also Go-Go Juice sounds good on him too.

I’ll probably round out the loadout with Attack Speed gear (VoZF) OR BotB.

He needs to be fast and needs to not fall prey to Crowd Control (Slows and Stuns mainly…which are EVERYWHERE in PvP). So he can continue sneakin’ around.

I might change my mind after we get access to him depending on his base stats and established playstyle.

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Word, let me know how much of a difference the -CC gear works out in PvP.