What gear/build do you plan on using with Pendles?

Imma use Vidanium Root Tea for the survivability when cloaked. Attack speed. And skill damage, preferably with shield or CC in there somewhere.

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Few more hours guys!

Cool downs , shield pen and skill damage imo. His smoke bomb can already melt shields so adding shield pen may be overkill though.

Did a game with a Bola’s Target Finder, +health after 180s attack speed gear, and a flawed sprint speed with bonus speed when skills are on cooldown.

Worked alright, I was feeding for a while as I learned what Pendles can and can’t get away with in multiplayer, but when I got Bola’s and Sweet Spot online I became very dangerous. Game ended with a surrender as soon as we put damage on the sentry, I was 5 - 6. The opposing Pendles went 2 - 8.

I will say one thing, people are really going to need to learn to look behind them when this dude is around. So many body blocks.

I don’t think I could run without Cobra Strike, you have to lead Injection a bit with it when you use it but it’s fantastic for opening and for chasing.

Coiled Spring does give very impressive height, but Deep Pockets gives Pendles a good option for pinging waves as it’s 3 shurikens thrown in a fanning formation, and the shurikens can crit for quite a bit of damage. They’re also thrown tight enough that you could easily land all three on all but the smallest profile Battleborn. Great for dealing with Bonecrushers.

Cooldown gear I think will be very appropriate. Smoke Bomb has about 25 seconds for a base cooldown, Bountiful Bombs drops it to 20 seconds, but if Pendles isn’t stealthed he is extremely vunerable. This makes Escape Plan more appealing but for general utility Cloak and Cover keeps me protected from stray shots as I’m lurking about waiting to pounce, or when I’m fleeing after Smoke Bombing, etc. Injection has like a 10 second cooldown, it’s fantastic and definitely his bread and butter skill, when you have Miasma up it’s like a 2 second cooldown which really makes me reconsider Life Leech at level 4 - even more so since Injection is actually a wide hitbox that can hit multiple targets for full damage, meaning life steal on as many targets as you can hit.

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Dude I am loving Pendles!

Alright I am 100% on board with Life Leech instead of Potent Venom.

Potent Venom IS nice but that life steal on Injection, especially when you have Miasma up, is crucial.

Cooldown time gear is great, I still really enjoy Bola’s Target Finder on him, and I put Sprint Speed gear on him so I can rapidly move while cloaked.

I find myself using Cobra Strike Injection while decloaked (and have no Smoke Bomb) to swiftly turn corners and recloak for the escape.

Had a Miasma triple kill in the last game, it was pretty great, Injection’s hitbox is so big you can kinda just aim in the general direction of a crowd and hit the lot. I find myself actually using Smoke Bomb in the middle of Miasma for the blind and extra DoT, disorients people as they try and dogpile me and then I swing back around with more Injection.

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Jennerit Green Gauntlet (Attack Damage, Attack Speed on Melee hit).

Jennerit Purple Battery (Max Shield, Skill Damage, -Reload Speed).

Bola’s Target Finder (Skill Damage, Attack Speed, Damaging an enemy with a skill causes them to take 5% extra damage for 10 seconds).

Bola’s essentially gives me 5% skill and attack damage, brinding my totals up to 10% attack speed, 14% attack damage, and 19% skill damage, 140 max shield.


  1. Injection Dash
  2. Bomb Blind
  3. Attack Speed on hit
  4. Life steal Injection
  5. Damage reduction if they’re good at spotting me, Cooldown time if they’re not
  6. Injection behind damage
  7. Melee damage reflect
  8. Injection damage on smoke bomb cast
  9. Injection cooldown on melee hit
  10. 20% injection damage under 50% health

Sneaky snek around, look for runners and or opportunity. Hide behind bigger characters.
Open with Injection, slow them, whack away a few times, try to stay behind them. If you start getting hit, Smoke Bomb them, blinded, go dark and either run (this is when the 30% reduction comes in handy at level 5) or keep whacking away, hope you can Inject again, or hit MIasma and start spamming Injection on them (taking damage at this part is when the cooldown reduction at level 5 comes in handy.)

If you don’t run when you pop Smoke Bomb, you better be able to secure the kill. Don’t engage anyone unless you’re sure you can clinch it. If an enemies team mate see’s you whacking away at them, you will die. Make sure you have your smoke bomb to aoe blind/damage/cloak you and either get you the ■■■■ out or amp up that next Injection to secure the kill.


Just as a quick question: Is anybody trying to use a build around his Throwing Stars? I feel like I’d like to but unsure if anyone has found a good use for them

With Shayne&Aurox I Boomerang everything and do good damage PVE & PVP. With Pendles I can’t kill anything reliably with throwing stars to save my life but maybe because I haven’t found his 2nd attack “niche” yet. Anyone here use them exclusively?

…I tried a lot yesterday on Advanced Sabo and Helio, no matter what I did they can’t even get close to Deande’s.