What gear combination do you dread seeing?

I saw @dantesolar use Symbiotic Gauntlet with the Hemsworth Sparkleshield on Marquis, and that was pretty nasty, it made me and my mates pretty annoyed. One of them just got off for the night. In fact, seeing the Gauntlet anywhere is just kind of scary to me. It’s also boring to me though, which I why I only use it in my “Versatile” loadout, my default one that works with any character… boringly.

My regular Marquis loadout is Stable Executioner, HR w/ atk dmg, and atk dmg w/ more atk dmg after taking a hit to the shield. That can make things awful for the other team.

Another one that I hate seeing is Orendi with Voxis Core and… honestly, any skill damage legendary.

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Characters with the Shard of Solus… that don’t need it. Aka anyone that’s not Reyna, KU, or Miko.


Pre-summer update Orendi with Voxis Core And Bola’s was gave me the “oh here it comes” feeling. AT level 10 you’d be consistently taking damage from everywhere. After the update i haven’t been seeing it much.


Dont forget Orendi with Firmware 151C
she would get her skills back instantly!


oh i haven’t forgotten, especially since i ran that with bola’s like the garbage i am.


Any melee character with Vow of Vengeance that stacks more speed and damage on top of that. Those are the days I’m happy if I chose Caldarius.

Orendi with Lorrian Skill Spike. Especially when it lets Orendi oneshot me from full health… And it’s effect is completely random too so there’s no actual skill involved. The kind of gear that in my opinion has no place in a pvp environment.


Your regular marquis loadout might as well be symbiotic gauntlet with stable executioner. The only difference is that you have health regen instead of bonus health.

The health regen has saved me so many times, also, it seems cheaper. But it isn’t really… but it is… not… maybe…

I just tried this on Montana…monstrous

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I’ll try this gear out later…checked it out…looks intriguing…

Does it have the ability to crit attacks from heroes that are unable to crit like benedict?

It doesn’t crit, it just ups the damage(so a pseudo crit). Start with Montana to see what I mean about the damage…my Montana doesn’t take long to eradicate enemies now

Does this bonus work on characters that could never crit in the first place?

It isn’t actually a crit, so I’d expect it would AS WELL as boosting by 50% on a crit for those who can crit when it procs

When it activates for Marquis, it’s pretty hard-hitting.

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Most mobas have crits that are not skill based but percentage based. If it is RNG based they can’t use skill to trigger it or take advantage of its perk more than someone less skilled.

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Has anyone tried stable executioner on mellka or KU? If it effects mellkas melee+venom that would be cool and KUs vortex would give it a higher chance to proc. Does recoil reduction tighten the vortex spread?
I need to check if I have one and try this out.

Symbiotic Gauntlet is a very solid piece of gear but it doesn’t bother me at all seeing people use it (including me on every gun-character loadout)… It’s just straight attack damage and some health. Nothing cheesy about it… it doesn’t slow on hit or stack damage to obscene levels (looking at you, pre-patch bola’s or orendi-voxis-core). It also doesn’t make anyone effectively invincible (borrowed timer Kelvin).

There are much bigger sources of cancer than symbiotic. Though for sure symbiotic is very, very good.

The expected dps multiplier of stable executioner is .81+.21.5=1.10 ie a 10% increase (alternatively .2*.5=0.1=10% increase). That piece of gear is pretty much the same as a 420 (or 0) shard common attack damage gear. It is trash, especially when the secondary stats are junk (-recoil and -cc).

The only characters it might make sense on are Marquis or Toby for the chance of an immense burst to land the killing blow, but on any sustain dps (ie. everyone else), straight attack damage is better, and symbiotic is much, much better.

It can though. It is the equivalent of bolas for characters that don’t need or use skill damage. Because it is basic and not gimmicky, it is easy to activate and can work well on ANYONE.

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