What gear do you equip? Why?

What have you guys found works best for Orendi? And what role should she play on a team? The obvious choices are Cooldown reduction and Skill Damage, but what about shield strength or shield penetration? Sprint speed, maximum health? Do i spare one of these pieces with a shard collector? Or could anticipating shard crystals and my greater movement speed allow me to apply something with more damage output?

Orendi is my favorite character because she is very supportive in her abilities to nuke groups of minions, while also a strong DPS to enemy battleborns. But this leaves me struggling to select gear because i could go both ways.

My play style is pretty in between both roles. I usually rush in and take out the minions asap and if i do that quick enough ill go to the other side and try to take out those minions. Then ill focus on enemies until the crystals spawn, with those ill activate my shard generator so that i can buy turrets for extra damage and/or a distraction for the enemy team. Ill then repeat this and focus my damage on 1st the minions, 2nd the enemies, 3rd the turrets. I usually rush in and try to distract and annoy the enemy team nuking them with my skills making them want to attack me because im squishy and then i nullify and run letting my team take the focus as i loop back with my second batch of skills.

Should i play supportive and equip my shard generator that gives +2 shards per/s with +1.5 bonus shards per second for 5 seconds after damaging minions allowing me to stack shards and buy multiple turrets, heal stations, and accelerators. Or does focusing shards work the same? I have to get them anyways to avoid the other team from getting turrets, so am i wasting a slot? What goes good with shard generators? Should i put on sprint speed which would also help escaping danger?

Should I play more offensive and stack shield strength and skill damage? Does shield penetration help this role? Or should i focus on getting max cooldown skills? One of the most annoying things about playing Orendi is how low her health is and if you get stunned then you will most likely die unless you have your nullify up. Would i be smart to stack -CC duration gear? Does this gear even make a justifiable difference, or is it like 1/20th of a second off your stun?

Its a lot of questions I know and Im sorry but since the game came out I havent seen any threads on Orendi and would really like to know how everyone else has been playing her and what they have found gear-wise that works best. I realize that a lot of this has to do with your team setup but regardless share your thoughts and experiences please. Also any good legendary gear youve found.

I wont go into my play style but i think my gear would be good for most Orendi players:


I’ve tried to get -reload speed items to help me get crystal cost down at no real risk to orendi’s attacks.
a no cost shard gen is very nice for me since i can just pop it right away with no cost or risk.
And the purple gear gives skill damage and a Very nice -20% buildable cost for only 735, again with no negative effects that actually effect Orendi.

I play Orendi as a Glass Cannon kind of character where I speed towards the incoming wave of players and getting a buildable or 2 before I disrupt them with a shadow pillar and a nullify to the face of the nearest player ;p
Then i retreat for a few seconds as my squad comes in and get back into the fight.

Then i just play glass cannon from there, being speedy and dealing a Ton of dps to anyone around my squad

Voxis Core (+110 Max shield strength, +3.29% Skill damage and has a splash damage effect to nearby targets for 15% of skill damage when you hit a target with a skill. Pillarstorm mutation just melts groups with this item). If you haven’t gotten this legendary yet, pray that you do. It’s good for several characters.

An epic that has -5.66% CD, 5.66% crit damage with a cost of 611 (cheap cost due to a -17% reload speed which doesn’t pertain to Orendi), though I’m trying to get an item similar but without crit. Crit is nice, however it’s not Orendi’s bread and butter.

I swap my third situationally. Sometimes I go Variable Morpher for the bonus pillar damage, other times I use a skill damage blue for the decreased cost. It really depends on who I’m playing with and how many shards they need for their loadout.

In the end, you want skill damage over everything. Her entire kit is based off of jumping in for burst damage and getting out asap. No point in building up HP and shields when she wasn’t designed to be in the middle of everything. Keep your distance, use your nukes when appropriate and you will be fine.

Awesome man finally someone speakin my language. Ive been wanting that Voxis Core badly, where did you get yours? I agree with the crit and i tell others the same thing, even though im beastly at leading her shots now ;). Also I think youre right about not stacking HP and shields as much but I keep dreaming of this godly Orendi that cant be killed. Sounds like we have similar play styles.

It’s a bit expensive for shards, but it works GREAT

Look at all dat cooldown reduction!

Found some new gear thats been treating me Very well in recent matches:


And all for less than the cost of a Single Legendary Gear.
Lol, legendary gears need a price reduction.
I was using a 3 legendary gear set that worked well with orendi but after 5 straight matchers of not activating a single one i decided to go this route.
In Incursion i’ve found only Overgrowth can get legendary gear since it seems to have a surplus of crystals as compared to the other incursion map.

Plus with these gears i can take advantage of orendi’s speed to grab a bunch of buildables for my team

I cant remember the names to them but the first is +4.27% damage reduction, +21.36 shield recharge per second and gain shards equal to +25% damage taken. The second one +9.55 attack speed, +205 maximum health and gain 5.46 attack damage while airborne for more than 1 second which honestly isnt good for Orendi and seems more suited for Benedict and the last one is +9.65 attack damage and +5.51 attack damage for 3 seconds after taking health damage.

You think attack dmg is better than skill dmg?

Well their both important. Im kinda testing out different builds rn but i use this one for melee characters or ones who dont need to reload like ISIC and Montana. More DPS the better

Those 2 items were made for Orendi

I still didn’t find a third good item (I hope for a CDR + Skill DMG)

I don’t know if Voxis Core apply "4"x if you hit “5” enemies but this item is really powerfull on Orendi as she is the queen of AOE (works really well on Ambra and Thorn too)

These are the best legendaries for Orendi that ive found:

Voxis Core (Battery): +137 max shield strngth/ +4.10% skill damage/ Enemies near target of skills take 15% of the damage dealt to the target.

Firmware Update 1.51C (Pocket-watch): -6.7% CD / +9.4% sprint speed / 6.72% chance that using a skill will reduce all active cooldowns by 2 seconds

Friction Fizz (Cola): +8.65% Sprint Speed / +24.7 shield recharge per second / Your shield will immediately being recharging while sprinting for over 5sec.

Pain-2-gain re-knitter (Chestpiece): +279 Max health / +98 Max shield strength / Taking hp damage stacks +2.79 maximum health until death. stacks x100.

Sustainment Well (Wrench): -17.3% buildable cost / +3.4% skill dmg / Supply stations you build provide an extra +8hp regeneration per seconds to allies.

The Pacifier (Glove): +8.8% attck dmg / +88 max shield strength / Damaging enemies lowers their Attck damage for 5 seconds.

Waveform Destabilizer (Shield Penetration Arrow): +15.4% shield penetration / -0.46 second shield recharge delay / Stack +3.09% shield penetration for each hit on an enemy within a short time. Max 5 stacks.

Hate Reflector (Helmet): -12.4% CC duration / +8.7% sprint speed / 6.22% chance that CC effects cast on yuo while under 25% hp will be mirrored back on the attacker.

Variable Morpher (Orendi Specific Legendary): +7 skill dmg / +85% max shield Strength / Orendi only: If shadowfire pillar deals no damage, your next pillar deals 30% more damage.

For everyone saying Variable Morpher, MAYBE in PvE, but in PvP you could easily get a skill damage item for MUCH less than the cost of a legendary. The Orendi only proc is not nearly as good as everyone makes it out to be. You’re talking maybe 1 out of every 10 pillars benefiting from it. Between wave clears and engages you are losing out on some serious damage if you intentionally miss one just to get a 25% boost to another. It’s literally the difference between doing 100% effective dps and doing 63% effective dps.

Situations where it would be a decent item:

You die a lot and can cast a pillar when running back to the fight.

You consistently wipe out the entire enemy team and have all of your teammates near you and wave clearing, enabling you to just stand there using basic attacks.

I honestly have no idea where I got it. One of the story missions on normal, not advanced. I’ve gotten extremely lucky to have amazing loadouts for healing, damage and tank without ever doing an advanced mission. My Ambra/Miko loadout is ridiculous. Late game PvP I can go 2v4 with ease, often 2v5. But that loadout costs 5400 shards.

Easy sketchy money (-heal power, +2.10 shards per sec)

+sprint speed OR symbitoic gauntlet (+movement speed, +9.80% atk dmg, +up to 9.80% based on current % of max health

Variable morpher (so when I reset health at base I can cast my shadowfire pillar and nullify to set up for extra dmg when in battle) OR Shield web indicator(?) +shieeld penetration, +skill damage, skills stop shield generation on enemies for 8 seconds.

That said, I’d love to get one of the +skill damage items from archive/experiment

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I am a Orendi mostly player and I use her legendary, attack speed, and shards…but I am not sure if thats a good combo…

I was gonna try to get Voxis Core, but idk if it still drops since i heard it was disabled…

I go attack speed and crit increase, shards + cooldown reduction per crit, and the variable morpher, Orendi is amazingly flexible and a major threat even when you try to check her, the shadowfire pillars I miss with still serve a purpose in controlling my enemies, given your 1 in 10 odds are woth the chaos that she can wreak upon your enemies… Also, if you take her lvl 10 mutatin in pvp (It needs a pve wording gearbox please) and you’ve set up for the bonus… It applies… Heh heh heh heh…

Voxis should still drop, it would just be grayed out if you got one.

I am currently using Jennerit shard generator and battery (both with skill damage) and a skill damage item w/ move speed.

Once the Voxis returns, I will switch that in for the battery, switch to a zero or low cost shard, and something else…maybe a cheap move speed item.

I use her legendary, a rare battery, and attack speed with shield to make “Oh That Reminds Me” really strong, and life steal to keep up her health while her shield covers it. I like to use her as a pusher/skirmisher more than anything else so I figured that she’s already got the damage, now she just needs the survivability.

I gotta say, the bolas target finder sounds great on orendi

Rarely get the chance to use my gear since I mainly use up all my crystals to reach lv 10 faster. Higher level is better than gear in my opinion but it does serve its purpose as a helping hand.
I use…

.0 cost Shard generater, 2.10 crystals per second with 21% less reload speed
.Voxis Core
.ISIC’s Firmware Update

I use the shard generate because it helps me reach lv 10 faster…lol. It also helps later on to activate my gear once i’m lv 10. Voxis Core is there for that extra kick! ISIC’s Firmware Update has became even better since the major patch we last had. 20% chance to lower all of my CD’s time by 2 seconds whenever I use any of my skills. It’s great for lowering the CD on Paradigm shift for faster kills/pushes, also more pillars!