What gear do you like to use with Whiskey?

I’m trying to put together a good loadout. So, what specific pieces of gear does everyone like to use?

Edit: Like I said, specific pieces. Looking for legendary names or decent descriptions of the gear in your loadout like what rarity it is.

Reload, Attack Speed, Crit Dmg, Health are the ones I usually have. Skill and Attack Damage probably wouldn’t be bad.

attack damage is a must because his passive stacks so well with it. I run Attack damage, reload speed and attack speed. Recoil also helps a good amount with the bounce on his rifle but if you get used to it you probably won’t need it.

I go pretty heavy with Critical Hit Damage on Whiskey. He crits pretty hard, and though his burst fire “walks” a bit, you can still land multiple crits in a single trigger pull. Recoil gear can help with that, but it’s not necessary. Only Recoil gear I ever really play with him (or at all) is the Stable Executioner to help get – you guessed it – more critical hits.

Scoundrel’s Aviator is a Blue Rare gear that fits him quite nicely: +X crit damage, +Y crit damage for 5 seconds after landing a critical hit.

Despite his reload time, I don’t tend to focus on reload gear for him. I like Duct-taped Mags as a Helix augment for WF, and you always want to “prime” the reload before going into a thick spot. That is, if you just did a duct-taped “flip” reload, fire off a few rounds then get the normal slow reload out of the way. This way, when the rush comes, you know your first reload will be quick. While a wave countdown is running for a defend mission, for example, is a great time to do this.

I also like Shield Penetration gear for Whiskey. He can spec pretty hard into it through Helixes, and for certain PvE missions committing even further in can be fun. It’s a risk with PvP, of course, because you may end up facing a bunch of Eldrid and your gear is kind of wasted.

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Reload, attack speed, recoils. Veil breaker rounds, a purple attack speed and a double recoil blue item.

Crit, base damage and one regarding buildables.

His Legendary is really strong so i always play with it

Vow of Zelaous Fury (around 18% attack speed + crit dmg)
Symbiotic Gauntlet (around 18% attack dmg + mvt speed)

I like to use the “Heliophagic Googles” (blind on crit each 5sec) on him and Caldarius as they crit easily

Chrono Key and skill dmg build for PVE

I use whatever gear helps him show off his sexy abs. :heart:

Seriously, I use a mix of things. Critical hits, attack speed, attack damage, health regen, movement speed. I have one loadout that is health regen (blue), movement speed (blue) and attack speed (purple). I don’t remember the full stats. I could check but Steam is downloading an update at the moment.

I’ve got a generic Guns loadout that has Vyn’s Quiver, Epic shard/shield pen and epic attack damage/skill damage

0 shard maker with -13.84% heal power
Mini Singularity Launcher
Galahadric Gun Grease

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Reload speed, recoil reduction, and attack damage.

I prioritize Recoil Reduction and Reload Speed.
Before the patch I was running:

  • Sketchy ‘Easy Money’
  • Rifleman’s Shot-Lock Stock
  • Vyn’s Quiver

Haven’t been able to play (patch dropped at 11pm local time, was patching all night) yet, but given the changes to Vyn’s Quiver, I’ll probably drop it. Killer Regen alone should be sufficient.
I guess, I’ll try something like this:

  • Sketchy ‘Easy Money’
  • Rifleman’s HailFire Mags
  • Anti-Motion Brace

I wish When Three Just Isn’t Enough wouldn’t mess with my Ult so often. :cry:
Duct-taped Mags is a really good helix augment (with a tactical twist), but I’d rather go for the 4-shot burst.

Blue shard generator.
Mini Singularity Launcher.

Blue crit booster w/bonus crit after landing a crit
Blue attack speed booster w/bonus crit after landing a crit
Hellfire Rounds

@lowlines gear search says that the blind effect is only only melee crits. Is that incorrect?

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Vyn’s Quiver is all around awful now, and worse on Whiskey.

Maximum +8.40 regen per second, Whiskey gets 7.9 because he can’t reload with more than 3 rounds missing, and then is punished for taking the 4 round helix by dropping down to 6.9 or so.

Definitely a good idea to ditch it.

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NO it’s correct, it’s my mistake… i used that on Calda as he is hybrid and then with time i forget that it’s only on melee when i played it on Whiskey

Agreed. Wouldn’t use it on anyone now.

Have you been looking at my loadouts? :blrpg:

I use the same setup except my shard gen has a different healing stat.

Lol, great minds think alike.

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I run Mini Singularity Launcher and (Attk Speed / Crit Damage - Sword), and then (Crit Damage / Attk Speed - Goggles).