What gear do you run on him and what do you take on him at levels 3, 5, 7 and 9?

I’m curious to know what gear you guys run on Marquis as well the helix choice you pick at levels 3, 5, 7 and 9. If possible, explain why you chose that kind of gear as well as your helix choices. I want to get better at this character by pulling in information from various Marquis players.

What is your playstyle with him? Do you try to be a true sniper with him or do you engage from closer? How much of his lore do you have done?(I’m legitimately asking because there are many different ways people use him.

As for the helix

3: the mutation that adds 2 rounds to the magazine

5:the helix that proc’s ein zwei dei on every other hit

7: I’d need to look up but I think there’s a damage increase on that level

9: also would need to look up

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I generally try to stay as far away as possible and harass my enemies, relying on my teammates to confirm the kills if I’m unable to do it myself. Also, at level 7 he has a choice between 25% attack & reload speed or +18% damage. At level 9 he has a choice between increasing the duration of temporal distortion by 2 seconds or increasing the potency of the slow. As a final note, I’ve played him enough to get all of his lore done… but am still not that good with him :cry:.

Attack and reload speed then, apologies it’s been a while for me since I’ve dedicated effort to marquis

Now. I’m terrible for true sniping advice as marquis, I use him less for that than pistol work however @FlamesForAll just mastered him this weekend and can probably offer relevant advice.

3 I take either more bullets or scope with far away small characters, ein zwie cry,7 is up to enemy comp, and 9 I take cease and desist


(click the link to see my helix)

Legendary Symbiotic Gauntlet (+atk dmg, +health, +atk dmg at full health)
Epic (+health regen, +atk dmg)
Common Flawed (+sprint speed, -heal power)

The only non-conventional things here are:

  1. Predatory damage at level 1 over the haste. The haste is actually very, very situational and becomes near-totally useless at level 4 with the DOT on temporal distortion; you will always be using the skill on minion waves or enemies, and it will be very rare that you will actually ever haste anyone on your team. To compensate for not being able to haste myself in emergencies against melees, I take sprint speed gear, which means I am free to use temporal distortion offensively, always. (much more efficient this way, rather than hanging on to it). Also sprint speed gear helps you get shards, get thralls, reposition for shots easier/chase kills, and run away from ranged damage and cc. Without the sprint speed gear I die a lot more (virtually never with it, and 3-4 deaths per game without it).

  2. +atk damage at level 7 instead of +attack speed and +reload. The latter is better on paper for single-target dps, BUT, I find myself needing to take time to line up my shots, meaning the attack speed goes to waste.

  3. Relatedly, my remaining gear is entirely based on attack damage. Attack damage is always more efficient than attack speed or reload speed on characters with a reload, so… not much to say there. I build so that I can take a little time to line up shots, and then hit like a truck with each shot.

  4. Symbiotic Gauntlet synchronises brilliantly with health regen gear. Always at full health, and always cranking damage. Also health regen means I don’t need to rely on anyone, which is always brilliant, because… teammates tend to be unreliable as hell. Especially in meltdown, my preferred mode. If I knew I could rely on a competent healer I’d go far Rare (+reload, +reload when shield is full).

As far as gameplay, you PTFO (play the f**cking objective), as you should with any other character. First priority minions (prioiritise shepherd). Second priority making life hell for enemy tanks. Third priority trying to get kills. Marquis has no problem wiping all minions in incursion or holding lanes solo in meltdown. Just shred the shepherd with your single target dps and crit the thrusters. Wave falls stupid easy after that. It only gets better with your owls+windfall, temporal DOT and your ult. In games where my teammates are pretty poor I can get 90-100 minion kills pretty comfortably.

Oh and never, ever, ever use the pistol (unscoped firing). Sniper does way more dps. Learn to quickscope at close range.

As for your specific helix questions:

At level 3 there is no reason to pick anything other than the middle mutation. Ever. Recoil reduction is worthless and I have never noticed the scope (how does it even work?). +2 bullets to mag is a huge dps increase.

At level 5 efficiency expert and ein zwei cry offer nearly exactly the same dps (when I tested it a while ago, though it may have changed since then) with ein zwei cry being slightly higher, but efficiency expert is way better in practice. Rarely are you going to get off more than 2 shots before the enemy ducks behind cover.

At level 7 as I said, I go for attack dmg due to playstyle, but +attack speed +reload speed is better on paper as it is a theoretical 25% dps increase versus the 18%.

At level 9, both are fine. I go for the +slow effect more often because the duration doesn’t do much. Minions will already be long dead, and players aren’t dumb enough to run into it after it’s already been up for however many seconds. Also helps serve temporal distortion’s actual purpose: slowing down people so it’s easier to snipe them. It also traps enemy players (and minions) in the bubble’s DOT for longer.

The alternative build for temporal would be +haste (level 1), +radius (level 4) and +duration (level 9). Never tried it, could be effective for team fights though pretty niche. Temporal DOT is too good imo.


I really like this because you aren’t taking haste on time bubble. The last bit of marquis I was playing thanks to bird hunt I was finding the haste effect to be… Not that great. Certainly made me look at the other 2 options. I was taking less trigger time on owls though for potentially more aggressive owl use over the damage boost which makes left at level 2 more appealing imo

Yeah, I went for haste in CTT and beta but realised it wasn’t really that great in practice. With the +15% predatory damage I actually get maybe 1-2 battleborn kills per game from the owls (as a side note, from memory the +15% damage does not boost windfall, which is unfortunate). They do a sizeable chunk of burst damage which is effectively unavoidable, especially in a teamfight. Hell, even when not in a teamfight those damn owls are a pain in the ass. They follow you for miles and are actually pretty hard to shoot down imo (though I haven’t tested thoroughly). That’s why I go left at level 2 (no collision with environment) to just make them even more obnoxiously difficult to shake.

At level 2 the cloak is pretty bad, because basically no-one actually bothers to shoot them down, and I throw them right into a wave where they trigger instantly anyway. I would only bother to use the reveal against pendles, but in practice refuse to do that even when there is an enemy pendles because the counterplay is broken as hell and I would feel bad.

Having said all this, I’m not sure anyone knows the machanics of exactly how Strigiform Swiftness or Phaseflyer actually works, of if they even do (haven’t seen any testing or vids).

So before I contribute to this post I will say this first: I am not that great of a marquis. Parts of me kinda hate playing him. That being said he has piqued my fancy as of late and I might try to play him a little more.

So at 3 I would say it’s between the middle and right. The 2 extra shots are fantastic but I like to take the recoil(60 percent is nuts!) to better play with my level 7 pick

5 is left imo. It just is straight better I think especially if players are smart enough to move after getting hit once for cover

7 is most definetly preference but left is what I like and is just a straight dps boost. If you take right at 3(like I do) then left at 7 is amazing for piling on damage.

For 9… I am gonna say it’s the increased slow strength. The 2 extra seconds doesn’t add a lot more damage for dealing with a minion wave but the extra slow strength will at least hamper it more and helps him slow a push which I think is pretty important for him

Gear wise I like a 0 cost generator, a blue recoil with more recoil on reload(which may be a little unnecessary) and the symbiotic gauntlet. I would say that your gear overall probably depends on what you want to take at 7. If I were to take the extra damage I would probably run the vow of zealous fury over the symbiotic gauntlet

Never thought of that. Recoil compensates for the craziness of attack speed. Interesting. It would be pretty late game to really feel that benefit though, and before then bullet banker is flat-out better if you have no issue with recoil (I’m used to playing games like Killzone where the recoil can be immense).

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The 15 percent damage boost is only affecting the owls and not windfall was the reason why I been taking middle at 1 and left at 2. I like using owls aggressively and I think taking those helixes when hitting 8 makes them ridiculously good. That’s actually what’s making me start to like marquis more. I build his early helixes to play better with his later helixes which as a player who likes late bloomers feels AMAZING lol

This was how I figured out how I personally needed to build him. I am not awful at accommodating for the recoil but something about marquis makes me miss so many shots that I felt like I made. So while I am not a pro player obviously since not taking the 2 clip is a dps drop its made me land more shots much more consistently

Yeah fair enough, if you are landing more shots with the recoil reduction then I guess you are getting more effective dps.

And we build the opposite in general I think. I try and get everyone to power up ASAP (cheap gear etc) because too many games are determined/ended in the first 5-10 minutes to wait around on builds that only peak later or to spend lots of time running around for shards. Maybe this is because most of my battleborning has been solo queue and I generally have to carry, and that I mainly play meltdown, where it is hard to compensate for going down in points early.

Well I definetly see where you are coming from. Solo queuing meltdown would definetly make me reconsider what I do with marquis. personally I am not a huge fan of him on meltdown but I haven’t played a lot with him there.

in regards to my philosophy on gear: I like late bloomers. I like feeling that amazing power spike by hitting 6 7 or whatever level you get amazing at. I like to have at least one legendary to work on building towards on the level before I hit my spike.

Now with this philosophy in place when I play, I justify it thusly: if I am in a match where I don’t have time to build the legendary because we are winning then i surely didn’t need late game gear to begin with. But if it gets into the late game, which I hope for, then that expensive bit of gear might be good enough to help put my team over the top in the match.

There is of course nothing wrong with picking gear for either reason but it suits my playstyle and frankly my wishes by having a late gear to work towards

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Marquis like expensive gear…
Vow of zealous fury, symbiotic gauntlet and estable executioner

I cant land many headshots so i go all for body shots.


2 owls stay next to me while the last owl tells me who is hidding behind a wall.

Toby or thorn cant get a real benefit from attack speed but marquis can, so i build around dps, with such a fast reload i dont mind missing a bullets or two

Highly informative post, thanks.

Edit: Out of curiosity, does anybody else take the right choice at 7? I agree that left seems like it would provide more DPS if you hit every shot without fail, but I would imagine that most people aren’t capable of that. Maybe the right option is better for players who don’t hit every shot so that the shots you do hit count more?