What Gear Do You Use For Montana?

I currently use health buffs and damage reducers. But, recently i’ve gotten curious about shield penetration. Problem is, Montana does not, as far I can see, qualify as getting traditional reloads. This limits his ability to use Breachers.

I’m curious what others are using.

His legendary, the veil manipulator (shard generator) or a battery with shard generation, and whatever else looks interesting; right now I’m trying out the plasmite transducer for the shield regen and damage reduction. This is for PVE, though. For PVP, I use his legendary, a cheap generator, and whatever else I think will help. I’m going to be trying a skeleton key soon to see if that helps any.

HIs legendary, The Symbiotic Gauntlet and a 0-cost Shard Generator.

I use a shard generator, a gauntlet that increases atk dmg and speed and his legendary.

I’m curious why so many people run a shard generator on Montana. I run his legendary, damage reduction, and health regen. I do pretty well with Montana usually so it seems to work.

Because in PVP you’re not guaranteed enough shards to activate his legendary. That and it’s rather rude to hog all of the shards in PVE. :smiley:

This is such an interesting issue because one of my buddies feels the same way. He says he has trouble getting enough shards to activate legendaries. Whereas I usually have enough shards to get a legendary up, two rather expensive gear items, and then still have leftovers to buy turrets and elite bots at the end of the game. Personally, I almost never run shard generators, especially on Incursion. I’d run them more often on meltdown if I had more slots to create meltdown specific gear.

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I use alamo 7 armor, song of vigor, and an item with hp on it! check out this vdeo it makes an interesting build I will make a post about it.

I like to use a blue cooldown reduction with increased rate when all skills on cooldown and a flawed shard generator. After that depends on my frame of mind. I’m currently using the legendary that increases skill damage and mobility but I play about with this slot.

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Ok. I think I’ve cracked it.

I have gone full survivability and it’s incredible. I am lucky enough to have a pocket Miko who is outstanding but I now take an epic +hp and healing received, a green healing received and health regeneration and a green dmg reduction with health regen. Last night I was talking an Ernest, deande and kleese and my health was barely dropping .

But there’s your problem. You’re only building turrets and stuff at the end of the game when they’re much less effective against leveled up enemies. There’s a reason why people rush in to build that turret in Overgrowth.

For my montana, I just go shard gen, atk dmg, atk speed.

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Interesting, out of curiosity, why do you go for a more offensive Montana as opposed to a defensive one?

Because he can kill pretty quickly. take the helix perk that increases accuracy during hailstorm and when his gun heats up and you can deal some serious crits. Stun an enemy with the dash and then pop hailstorm to keep 'em slowed as they recover from stun and hit 'em in the head. If it doesn’t kill 'em, it’ll leave 'em pretty close to it and scrambling back to base or their healer. I use montana more as a killer than being my team’s living shield. If you wanna be the shield, you can still interrupt with his dash and ult to save teammates.

(I also like to take the perk where using hailstorm reduces heat when used, so I can use it whenever my guns starts to overheat to keep up the damage and pressure. If I’m shooting to those levels of heat, there’s probably a reason, right?)

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Breaking Character…

Common shard generator (400 cost to activate. No negative drawbacks)
Uncommon Health Regeneration
Boots of the Brute. (Dont always get to use in PVP, especially Meltdown cuz I’m giant minioning, but nice when I can get it up)

PVP: 0 cost shard gen with -healing power, 0 cost wrench with -healing power, and his legendary.
PVE: his legendary, Oath of the Sustained, and usually a Veil Manipulator because it has skill damage and healing on it as well as shard gen. I did try that UPR DLC shoulder thingy and it seemed to help, so I may swap out the VM for that.