What gear do YOU use?

Just want everyone’s opinions on play styles and gear. Advice and tips always welcome :sunglasses:

  1. 2.1 Shard gen

  2. +140 Max Shield
    +4.20 Skill damage

  3. +9.36 Sprint speed
    -4.01 Cooldown

…note: With this setup I got Gold on Helio Advanced in 52 minutes.
I’m calling that a record unless someone proves me wrong. :sunny:

Healing power and Attack speed for sure, for a third I haven’t decided. I’ve tried both movement speed and sprint speed, but I can’t say I feel like I’ve noticed much of a difference. Sprint speed felt a little more noticeable, but I don’t really have one with a decent or appropriate secondary. I’ll probably settle for a shard generator until I find one.

She’s Eldrid. I always add a shield to Eldrid characters (unless it’s Mellka because her legendary is so good). Might not be the most practical choice, but It keeps me alive and helps so much in tight situations.

Same with me. I’ve only played a couple missions so far and had heal power and attack speed all matches, but I’ve been switching around the 3 piece that I haven’t found I like yet. I’m gonna try next a skill damage( forgot percentages) and then probably a cooldown.

  1. Heal power
  2. Attack speed
  3. Regeneration

I use health regen on every other load out I have so I might as try it for her too.

-0 cost +2 shard gen
-3xx cost health regeneration
-Vigilance Link

I usually have enough shards for the health regeneration gear before I meet the first enemy player.

PVP Loadout:

Boots (epic)
+5.6% movement speed
+5.6% sprint speed
1050 shards

Gauntlet (epic)
+9.8% attack damage
+5.6% attack speed
1050 shards

Sword (rare)
+9.8% attack speed
+5.6% attack speed for 3 seconds after taking health damage
914 shards

All attack speed all the time, makes generating stacks much better so you effectively have the cooldown reduction and attk speed boost from same helix level :wink: I also find that those perfect roll move speed boots are a godsend on Alani. For real, why does she move sooo slow.


Do this, kids.


I got 4 set of gear for alani

Healer gear

Emulan tincturr (alani legendary)
+11.65% heal power
+4.66% attack speed
Alani passive - wellspring heals for an additional 15% over 4 sec

Drained survivor’s remedy box
+13.27% heal power
+6.64% heal power after surviving for 180 sec
-39.82% shield recharge delay

Dicey scoundrel’s “hurricane”
+8.86% attack speed
+5.06% attack speed after landing a critical
-190 health

Alani controller gear

Firmware update 1.51c
-6.06% cooldown time
+4.85% sprint speed
6.06% chance that using a skill will reduce all active cooldowns by 2 seconds

Scheming “easy money”
+2.08 bonus shards per second
-4.16% cooldown time

Looking for a attack speed with cooldown reduction on critical hits

Damage alani gear

Shield web interdictor
+5.88% skill damage
+8.82% shield penetration
Skill hits prevent enemies shield from charging for 8 seconds

Erratic expert internal capacitor
+140 maximum shield strength
+4.20% skill damage for 10 seconds after killing a minor enemy
-21.00% reload speed

Expert metabolic failsafe
-0.90 shield recharge delay
+4.27 skill damage for 10 seconds after killing a minor enemy

PvP gear

Vigilance link
+280 maximum health
+4.20 health regeneration
Gain 210 maximum health to all allies

Survivor’s regrowth serum
+7.00 health regeneration
+4.20 health regeneration after surviving for 180 sec

Rejuvenating ekkuni scalemail
+5.60% damage reduction
+4.20 health regeneration

I use the “Chrono Key” legendary. 6.99% cooldown, +6.99 heal power. Reduce all active skill cooldowns by 1 second for every 500 damage you deal.

Paired with a +heal power, + atk dmg epic I have.

I mix and match the last item but usually it’s got movement on it because Alani moves sooooo slow.

EDIT - and now I am hearing Chrono Key may of been nerfed from 500 to 2000 damage for cooldowns. Well that changes things a bit…

Which type of gear is this?

@phoreverphamily: That should be a Jennerit Tissue Synthesizer :wink:

As for the gear I currently use:

Mending Box (Eldrid uncommon)
+14% Heal Power
+9,8% Healing received after taking Health damage
-140 Max Shield strength

Boots (Eldrid uncommon)
+5,6% Movement Speed
+7% Heal Power after taking health damage
-21% Buildable Cost

Sword (Rogue rare)
+9,8% Attack Speed
+5,6% Attack Speed on Crit

Works for most story missions so far, even let’s you be a decent healer. PvP-wise I only tested this in Bot matches. It’s definitely not optimal, especially the Building Cost malus really hurts.
The only other good Boots I found so far are flawed Rogue Boots with -14% Heal Power, so I don’t think they’re worth using on Alani.

All in all, I think you may be right about Attack Speed being the way to go. All of her CC and Utility come from her skills and Attack Speed offers an exceptional contribution to Cooldown Reduction, while at the same time increasing her DPS.

I think her Legendary plus 2 other pieces with high Attack Speed might be worth trying out.
I’m gonna need more time for farming gear and finishing her lore, though. :laughing:

Yes attack speed is the way to go imo. I prefer to use the +attack speed on health damage cuz even in pvp you can take a tick of dmg from like even a small minion and get the buff. you wouldn’t think so but that extra 5% attk spd is actually noticeable once you get upwards to 25%. It builds stacks for osmosis heals and cooldown reduction super fast

I dont know what its called but it’s the item with a cross on it. Looks like a ring. I’ll try and get a screenshot of it later tonight when I get home.

Common attack speed, rare heal power that increase my heal power more after surviving 180 seconds, and Bliss beast Skull plate. I have a 4.98% roll on it, so I have just under 10% damage reduction, plus an extra 3.5 health Regen.
Attack speed cranks my dps and stacks. Heal power makes geyser a great zone heal (since it’s not a very useful skill for CC anymore) and Blissbeast makes her a pain to kill. Those self heals get full mileage.

[quote=“diekthx, post:17, topic:1480362, full:true”]Blissbeast makes her a pain to kill. Those self heals get full mileage.

You’d actually get a lot more out of a chest piece with +hp and +healing received (like Vigilance Link, which also beefs up your allies; if you’re totally selfish, Pain-2-Gain also provides way more TTK because it provides a massive load of hp in addition to some DR) because Alani doesn’t have enough hp to make the DR provide a greater TTK than the additional hp.

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Alani needs attack speed to perform at her best no need for + healing of + health

Just make sure to keep her attack speed around 20% and make sure u take the cooldown reduction when u land torrent attacks what this does is these things

20% attack speed with gear gives

-cooldown reduction
-faster osmosis stacks

Which allows alani to heal and spam riptide dramatically a lot more then she should and if u run with certain legendaries… You can turn alani into a buffer and debuffer by spalshing out riptides a lot

Should check out my riptide alani build on here for more information with geaf

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