What gear is absolutely essential for Kreig against Raid Bosses?

So, having started UVHM, I figured I’d get the raid boss questions out of the way.

What gear is absolutely essential for Krieg? I think I’ve got a handle on some of it–Slag Rapier, low-level slag grenade, Rubi, etc–but I wanted to know if I’ve missed anything.

I’ve seen plenty of videos of people taking down raid bosses in seconds due to tremendous Bloodsplosion combos and stuff, but i don’t even know if i have the skill to do that. So, if possible, I’d like to know ways to do it that don’t require as much luck, even if it takes a while.

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What’s your preferred build/play style or will you actually adapt to a different playstyle (assuming the build is meant to be played in a much different way than you currently do)?
Playstyle will dictate what gear you’ll likely need/want.

Whatever works.

Right now I’m rocking a Bloodlust/Mania build, but I’m totally willing to switch it up.

Bloodsploding enemies is quite hard. I can’t.

The only raid bosses I’ve done with Krieg so far are Pete, Terra and Hyperious so I have a ways to go but I use the Rough Rider for most areas and the FotF for critter heavy areas. Since I’m running a Hellborn/Mania build Omens, Butchers, DPUH and Hails are what I use most often. If you have it you can include an at level Slagga or slag Slow Hand as well. Holding a GN while tossing out a Chain Lightning will fill your health bar quickly. Still working on getting a Hide of Terramorphous…

So, yep. Looking to take down Voracidious, except I have no clue how to do it. I suppose I can do the melee/Bloodsplosion thing, if theres no other option.

Any pointers?

If you’re going for a Bloodsplosion kill make sure to have a low level slag bonnie (don’t want to accidently kill them with the grenade) and you should get a blue Sickle class mod (scream I believe is best/preferred). For shield either a Rough Rider for a constant bonus from “Empty the Rage” or a roid shield like Hide of Terra or Love Thumper just be careful of the explosions if you use the Thumper.

Yes. You want a scream sickle with +6 StV & +5 ETR or a legendary sickle. Also, use a roid shield and whack one of the tentacles when it’s down. And use a Rapier in case you have to hit it before you can trigger Release the Beast.

You can prepare day and night for Vora, but one of the most important things to remember is the positioning of the little bastards relative to one another.

You don’t want them all within an inch of each other, you really need to get them so they link up, one after the next.

If you do that correctly, we’re dealing with multiples so great, that many of your preparations will ultimately seem excessive.


Now, does it have to be a bouncing Bonny? Or will a Betty do?

A betty also can, or a biddy too.


Do i need a rapier for it too work, too, or would normal melee do?

Rapier. A “normal” melee weapon will actually do less damage than what Krieg can do without one.

Wait wulf, does all the K’s melee bonus apply to the Rapier??

(I should know that, shame on me xDDDD)

Yes. According to what I’ve read, both the Law and the Rapier add to Krieg’s melee bonus, while other melee weapons subtract from it.

Alright, so I decided to practice the Bloodsplosion on Pyro Pete and why hasn’t this been patched holy crap.

Still can’t get the Bloodsplosion to work on Voracidious, though.

Congrats- don’t think I ever got a bloodsplosion chain to go off despite that being the first skill tree I maxed for Krieg…

Alright, got the Bloodsplosion to work on Voracidious, so thats nice.

Now, I’ve got three raid bosses I’ve yet to take on: Hyperius, Gee, and the Dragons.

Hyperius I think I’ve got a good handle on method; group the loaders, beat them up, beat up Hyperius, repeat. Ahab, too.

But the dragons! Any pointers on the dragons? Any essential guns, COMS, shields, etc?

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I saw somebody bloodsplode the dragons once, but I don’t recomend using that as a reliable method of killing them, IIRC it took him a few hundred tries.

Other than that you’ll have to ask somebody else, I’m not much of a raider.

I can’t imagine going Melee on enemies with that aerial speed would be a task that would allow much hair to remain on your head after the experience.

You may have to go with a gun build.

And here I thought getting them to sit together for Vora was tough.