What gear should I aim for now that I finished my story?

I am now lvl 34 with this build as suggested on a forum topic. Since I just finished the main story, I have no idea on what to do next :confused:. What gear should I farm, the “best” build to continue leveling that is less gear dependent, ( since this is my only character ) etc.
I guess I should start the True Vault Hunter Mode now since my quest log is empty, but what about the dlc’s (I have all of them)? Should I play it now or leave it for later?
Thanks all in advance.

P.S - I also have some golden keys, but I have no idea when to spend them :confused:

Mania Krieg doesn’t really need that much gear. You will mostly running around hitting everything with your axe. You want gear that supports your rampage like things that slag and guns that can get you a second wind.

I’d recommend starting TVHM and doing some DLCs. Also some gear that is good

Scream Sickle Class MOD with +Silence the Voices and +Empty the Rage - it fits your skill build

Adaptive shield - gives some HP and shield and easy to get while leveling

Slag SMG - slag everything before rampaging (Slagga is a legendary that is really good but up to you if you want to farm it)

Explosive weapons - you have Strip the flesh so Torgue weapons will get a buff. Unkempt harold is a legendary that is a great explosive pistol (farm it in TVHM)

Sherrifs badge - buffs pistol damage and fire rate but also buffs your axe throwing rate (as the axe is considered a pistol by the game engine). great with the Harold also

Thank you both for the advice. So far I’ve only reach to Sanctuary in TVHM, but I already learned the hard way that I have to be more careful where and when to rampage :grinning:

I am going to figure it out the order of the dlc’s and try one or two in TVHM(?) because of the xp.
I like Krieg very much, but I keep thinking why I don’t see anyone playing him? I play a lot online and I never team up with another Krieg.

Again, thank you very much for the help.

Krieg is a somewhat hard to learn char. Somewhat weak at early game, but when you get his pros and cons, it’s a walking death (meat) machine.

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Can’t thank you enough @Tokesy97 for your post. You make it simple for a noob like me :grinning:

I will probably do them in normal mode for now to have a taste of what to expect from them later.
I just have one lest question: is there any quest on those dlc’s that I shouldn’t turn in?
Thanks once again.

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Well I think it is a very good char to learn the game. It will force you to be aware since it is not a forgiving class and it will force you to learn the game and the class itself.


I don’t mind reading walls of text as long as I learn anything from them, and yours was very simple and concise.
God the Krieg community is awesome.
Thank you very much.

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May I also suggest the following;

Before you farm an incredibly difficult to attain gun, try a lesser version that follows the same principle function to see if it goes with your play style.

This isn’t so much a “gameplay” tip as much as it is a time saving technique.

It is easy to forget (as I am certain we’ve all done) that certain items simply do not fit with our style of play. I’d make certain to do a bit of a test.

Or perhaps even watch a video on the item. 2 minutes of extra research may save you as much as hours of farming time.


Thanks for the suggestion @Giuvito will search for those guns to see them in action.
As a beginner, all tips ans suggestions are welcome :grinning:

Thank you very much.

The Cobra is a piece of crap: it doesn’t process Blood Bath, it’s slow to reload, and it’s slow to fire. Plus it’s a pain in the ass to get and it’s PINK! With bunnies! No thanks.

@biofobico: I’d go with this spec and grab a Love Thumper as soon as possible. The damage doesn’t really matter in TVHM, but the extra roid damage and explosive novas will help while rampaging. Speaking of which, don’t rampage until you see the red exclamation mark show, because Release the Beast doesn’t activate until then.

For the COM, I’d look for a good Rage Meat, with at least +5 Empty the Rage. The extra health and health regen will help while rampaging, just make sure you time your RtB activation properly. Look for a health relic and a singularity or tesla (bonus if it’s a Shock Storm) grenade for BL stacks. For weapons, anything by Torgue is great: I’d do Torgue’s DLC to start gathering tokens and gear. Gear doesn’t really get to be important until UVHM. By that time you should know what works for you and what doesn’t.

When you hit UVHM, you should do Hammerlock’s DLC for the Rough Rider* and get a new one every few levels for the extra health. If you do get a good RR, spec into Silence the Voices and get a sickle COM, preferably a Scream Sickle until you can get a Legendary version after level 62.

For leveling, I would max out Blood Filled Guns, Taste of Blood, Buzz Ax Bombardier, Fuel the Blood, Blood Bath, Boiling Blood, Nervous Blood, and Bloodsplosion in that order, but you can throw in StV after you’ve maxed out ToB for the extra damage resistance and then max out the others. By the time you’re level 50, you should have something like this. And by 69, it’ll look like this. You can put the remaining three points wherever you want. Note: if you’re going down the Hellborn tree, you should go all in because dabbling in it doesn’t do K much good - the same holds true for the other two trees.

*You can use a Love Thumper in UVHM with StV, but you don’t want to be using it in the Overpowered Levels. Note the roid damage will be transfered to you if you hit yourself in the head, so be careful. A health relic helps mitigate it because K gets all of his health back when he makes a kill while rampaging.

I also wouldn’t worry about the DLCs until UVHM unless you want to play them for the story. Since the rewards you get are locked into the level at which you first accept the quest, they may or may not be useful for long. At least in UVHM you can reset your progress and get one at a higher level. Plus gear only levels to 50 in THVM while it’ll always stay your level or near it in UVHM.

Forgot to add: an adaptive shield is a good choice until you can get a good Love Thumper or Rough Rider because of the extra health and elemental resistance. A Neogenator is a better choice, but stay away from any type of Turtle shield, especially the Hoplite. K has no shield recharge shields so he shouldn’t rely on shields to keep him alive.


Yeah, the Cobra is pretty much only good on Maya, and even then it’s very outclassed by the Pimp and Sniders.

I tried to make it work on him, but it just dosen’t. Some good guns to watch out for while leveling are Torgue Shotties (I’m partial to Pounders and Ravagers), Torpedos, Slappers (and by extension the Harrold) are ok too (espically if you run a sherrif’s badge). That said, you really don’t even really need guns, I got all the way to 72 on my first Krieg without using guns at all (except where you have to to progress).

Thank you very much @Gulfwulf for the time you spend writing that detailed noob friendly guide :grinning:

By COM you mean the mod class that we can equip?

Yep, we refer as COM to the class mods. That abbreviation comes from BL1, but I don’t remember what it means though xDDD

Oh, and yeah, the Cobra sucks with Krieg, even on a explosive build.

Thank you both for the clarification.

I tried it during the Loot Hunt and was very, very underwhelmed with its performance. If it shot faster, processed BB, and wasn’t such a pain to get, it would be an honorable mention. As it is, there’s no redeeming qualities about it for Krieg, hence the reason it’s not even mentioned in the TG thread. Like Wings said, even Maya struggles to make it useful. If I were going with a Jakobs sniper, I’d go with a regular one or maybe a Buffalo or Elephant instead. But the Pimp and Interfacer are his best two as long as you don’t treat them like traditional snipers and use them as shotguns instead (in close quarter combat).


Anytime. I was new to Krieg too and gained my knowledge from those who had more experience with him and from playing him. I tend towards a melee/explosive build, which is why I posted the suggestions I did. If you want to dabble in Hellborn, @xmngr is your man because he’s quickly becoming the Hellborn BA. If you don’t believe me, go look at his videos.

COM stands for Class Optimization Mod and is from Borderlands 1. When we say COM or Mod, we’re talking about the same thing. I liked the Rage Meat I found while leveling Krieg because of the passive healing and health boost. It’s not always easy to get a kill while rampaging, so having a backup really helps when you’re learning how it works. Once you’re comfortable with it, then it’s time to switch over to a sickle MOD and go to town.


My curiosity for the Scarlet dlc was stronger…now I regret doing it.
Now Iam lvl 41 starting to doing the mission to rescue Roland and I’m getting 3xp per kill…:angry:

Keep doing the story missions and the game will level up the world. It should match yours before you hit level 50. This is the reason why I said don’t worry about the DLCs: it’s real easy to get overlevelled in TVHM and NVHM. UVHM levels with you, so it’s not an issue there.

I thought the Interfacer a shotgun already.

I meant the Longbow. :stuck_out_tongue:

At what level do you think I should do that? Now that I made Scarlet’s dlc I am insecure about the dlc’s.