What gear should I aim for now that I finished my story?

Just run through the DLCs. Helps you to teach some other game mechanics as well :smiley:
About Torgue, you can usually find orange weapons (one of the rarest tiers) in vendors. These weapons are bought with a currency called “Torgue tokens” which some enemies and bosses drop. You can find them a lot in a mission called “Bar Room Brawl”, which is repeatable. Also, the missions are usually paid with Torgue tokens.

The DLC order is something like:
1.- Scarlett
2.- Torgue
3.- Hammerlock
4.- Tiny Tina

At the end of the playthrough, usually Head Hunter packs (1-2 quest short DLC, there are 5) are done. Then, you run TVHM (playthrough 2) without DLC and finally, UVHM (playthough 3) with everything. Be cautious that in the 3rd playthrough, Krieg gets the second skill tree cap at lv57 and then, you can decide to go Hellborn or Bloodlust.

Did Scarlet already in TVHM. Maybe it isn’t a bad idea to do the Torgue at the end of the TVHM and do all dlsc’s midway UVHM.

That’s what I would do. A Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold will last you a few levels in UVHM before you’ll need a new one. Just remember the legendary items require 613 tokens to purchase them, but you can farm Pete’s bar brawl for ~25 a pop (20 from the quest and more from the BA Enforcers. There might be more, but I’ve never counted).

I now completed TVHM and while was finishing the few side quest I had, Savage Lee dropped the lvl 50 Stiff Unkempt Harold. Is it still a good idea doing Torgue dlc’s before starting UVHM? One other thing I was curious about, is if there is an “ideal” level to start UVHM?
Excuse all my beginner questions, but I am thinking about creating a new toon, (undecided between Axton and Maya) and I guess all the suggestions can be applied to them too.
Thanks in advance.

Edit: Just did 5 farm runs on Savage Lee, and got 3 Unkempt Harold legenderies including the Double Penetration one. :grin:

Honestly you probably want to start UVHM as close to 50 as possible, because all your weapons will be 50 or below. So if you want to do Torgue DLC, I suggest you do it in UVHM so you profit from the gear. But it’s available and on your level as soon as you load into UVHM, so you can start it right away.

usually the main advice is to not to start uvhm too overleveled

Since I’m almost lvl 53 it’s time to move forward then :smile:

Thank you both.

Yes it is. Remember the enemies level with you, so you’ll be replacing gear every few levels as it starts to under perform. I wouldn’t wait much longer to start.

Usually I just slag the enemies and wait for the hp to drop to the red zone…then i just let Krieg spred his poetry through the battlefield :smile:

That’s what I do except I let my wife’s Maya apply the slag while I shoot everything up until it’s time to rampage. :dukeballs:

Need some advice please regarding the COM to use. I have these 2 COM’s:

I ask this, because I see a lot of people using the Slayer of Terramorphous, but think the legendary psycho class mod is better. So far my experience in UMHM has being “intense” due to the class characteristics and my own playstyle. Playing with a lvl 50 Slagga, a lvl 50 Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold and the lvl 40 Love Thumper shield.
Today after the “Rescue Roland” mission that I did with 3 random guys, one of them said that I play like a awesome crazy badass psycho :grin:. To me, it was the best compliment someone could give me.

Thank you all.

Go Psycho. The Slayer COMs are crap across the board except for Gaige players who want to get 600 stacks of Anarchy.

Thank you for the quick reply :acmaffirmative:
Think its also time to meet Hammerlock and grab the Rough Rider shield.

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You won’t regret it. Just remember the differences between the RR shields is the health it gives you. The ones with the parts that’ll give you the most look like this:


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aside the synergies that it gives in mania and hellborn trees

Got this one on my second run and I think I got lucky with the stats.

That looks like it’s the one that gives max stats. You’re basically looking for one with Maliwan body and battery, and a Hyperion capacitor. That combination of parts gives you the max health from the shield. Still, if you find one with more health, don’t fret about the parts and just go with it.

I don’t know what that means or look like, but I will keep my eyes open :grinning:

Thank you.

The picture I posted is basically what you want to be on the look out for.

Thanks for clarifying that for me.
I 'll stick with this one for now and try to farm another one when I’m lvl 60/61.
Thanks again.