What gear should i keep?

I got this game Saturday and haven’t opened up any of my loot packs and have 2 rows of gear left.

I was wondering what some of the meta gear is. \

I currently use white regeneration, shields, and reduced building costs.

I know 0 cost shard generators are good but what else will help me win pvp if I dare do it haha.


I’m sure someone will be able to give you some more specific advice but here is a great website to reference when building gear loadouts.

Is there a certain role or character you like to play? Wave clear characters such as Orendi benefit from a wrench and free shard gen in order to help control the field and power level.

On Tankier characters like Galilea/Boldur I like to stack health regen and damage reduction with a shard geny in order to stay in lane longer and keep buildables up.


Did you max out the bank space already? You can buy extras using in-game credits to give you over 400 slots.

Also note that you can vary the sort order, so you might want to work through some time and eliminate duplicates. (Especially the ones with lower stats!)

To be honest, it really depends on what you’re playing. Bots battles last 5 minutes and you rarely get past level 6 or 7, so taking a shard genny and two decent purples seems about right. For missions, you might play 25-35 minutes, but even then, the shard count can change drastically. Like, Demon Bear has around 8 or 9 total shards on the map (seriously, it’s stupid), but Heart of Ekkunar has literally unlimited shards. You can run 3 legendaries in Ekkunar, or not activate a single one in Demon Bear.

So, personally, I have two rough sets - five-ish loadouts of a shard genny and two purples for, and then a bunch of character specific loadouts for the longer missions.

You’ll get a lot of answers here, but generally, the Symbiotic Gauntlet is pretty much good on every single character (9.1% attack damage, +280HP, +9.1% more attach damage based on current health), Bola’s Target Finder is good on almost everyone, and if you like healing, Symbiotic Spores is great.

For other legendaries though, I would strongly recommend you use a Legendary if and only if the “Legendary Bonus” is absolutely worth it. Most legendaries are simply purple items with a “Legendary” bonus tacked on, but lots of times, those bonuses are simply not worth it. A good example is Vyn’s Quiver. The difference between Vyn’s and a Purple is that Vyn’s gives you a short burst of health regen if you reload your gun before it’s empty. But I’ve tried it, and it doesn’t even kick in unless there are ~8/10 rounds in the clip, and yet I see Benedicts, Ernests, and so on using it from time to time, when they physically can’t take advantage of the bonus because their clip size is too low to begin with. Now, maybe it’s a bug, and it should be based on % of clip remaining, not a static number of bullets, but for now, even if yo’re running a char that can use it, I still doubt the utility of a short regen in exchange for lots of shard cost above an equivalent purple, a change to your playstyle (reloading earlier than usual), and gimping your damage output (as you spend more time reloading).

But … you’ll need to figure out what works for you.

In terms of what you should always toss, that we can help you with. Nearly all blues and greens have limited value. (not all, but most). You should have a majority of Legendary, purple, and white items. Anything that has a negative that’s bad on every class you can pretty much toss (-max HP, -damage, -move speed, etc.)

In the end, I have ~350 items, but I use maybe 20-30 of them. As far as I know, I have every possible purple and white with max rolls on 99% of them. I’ve got all character legendaries, all story legendaries, all of the ops bossdrop legendaries, and most of the gearpack legendaries … and though I keep them just because, I don’t need them. That said, adding gear back pages using basic credits is pretty easy.

In addition to the legendaries mentioned above, and the 4 0-cost shard gennys, I’d say that I most often use the following purples:

+14hp/sec regen, +5.6 damage
+9.1% damage, +210hp
+9.1% skill damage, +210hp
+attack speed, +210hp
+21% reload, +7hp/sec reload
+healing, +210hp

Again, there are lots of others that have good use, but are often character specific. I won’t try to name them all.

One final thing - not all stats are created equally, and not all stats pair together. You will never find +reload and +hp, for instance (aside from perhaps some weird legendary I’m forgetting). Legendaries are Purples with a special bonus. Purples are Greens with no “activation” clause. And all have a major skill / minor skill. For instance, purples with +HP can be either +280hp (major) or +210hp (minor). For HP, 210HP is 75% of 280HP, but for attack damage, the major and minor are separated by 60% (9.1% and 5.46%). This leads to items with HP as a minor buff somewhat better, and attack damage as a major buff somewhat better. I.e. 280HP + 5.46% attack isn’t quite as efficient as 9.1% attack +210Hp. So, there are lots of nuances that you’ll pick up along the way.

Good luck! And remember that a lot of the fun is learning for yourself what works for you.

Here’s my list of gear I typically keep or sell:

  • I sell all non-flawed Commons. Considering flawed uncommon gear has the same shard cost with the added benefit of a secondary stat to proc, most non-flawed common gear I find lacking. The exception would be if the secondary wouldn’t ever proc and/or if the flaw would be detrimental enough that it’s common counterpart would work better.

  • I avoid situational gear. This would be your shield penetration and CC reduction gear. Since the Winter Update, you potentially could have these in your loadouts for counter-picking, but I have yet to have a circumstance in which I wanted these more than other types of gear.

I generally stay away from the following flaws on gear:

  • Damage reduction
  • Movement speed
  • Cooldown time
  • Sprint speed
  • Attack damage
  • Skill damage
  • Max health

I also avoid these procs on gear:

While under 50% health
While health is full
For 30 seconds after assisting in killing a player or major enemy
For 60 seconds after killing a player or major enemy
For 30 seconds after buying a buildable
While shield is full
For 15 seconds after destroying a buildable
For 15 seconds after recovering from CC effects
For 60 seconds after respawn
For 5 seconds after landing a critical hit

Some of the above mentioned procs I might keep but only with a certain type of gear. It’s very much a judgement call. Also, as this is just my opinion of what makes gear worth keeping, don’t consider it absolute. I hope it helps though.