What gearbox has done is too bad

For myself, this game is really only fun now if I start a new character and play non-mayhem. When doing that, all the cool guns are playable throughout the game. Sitting through all the endless conversations and directions to go here and then there even drags that down a bit though. If someone was in overall charge of this game and the changes it’s had, I don’t think they did a good job.

Personally, I think the Mayhem system should be scrapped and replaced but I couldn’t say with what…


I want to try mayhem 11, but not really Ken on paying for it. I’ll probably end up buying it.

I don’t think M11 is part of the season pass.

I believe it’s a free upgrade.


It’s been a while since doing anything in Borderlands 3 felt rewarding. And I know the exact date that was made worse: 23 April 2020.


I almost want to delete my Zane and restart. All the gear in his vault is mostly lvl 60 and I do not feel like farming for lvl 65 gear.
His whole inventory just feels like a mess, I mean I have over 500 pieces of gear and I just don’t know what to use because there’s so many duplicates and different annointments-
Too much variety and too much unknown synergies kill my brain.


I don’t find normal mode to be that fun. It’s too easy. I guess “easy” is a relative term. I prefer the Mayhem modes because the enemies are not as easy to kill compare to normal mode.

But between Mayhem 1.0 and Mayhem 2.0 I prefer the old Mayhem system. There are moee guns viable back then. However if you scale Mayhem 2.0 to Mayhem 4, you’d find there are more guns that are viable as well.

I like Mayhem but not the Mayhem 2.0 system.

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Yeah it’ll be free, it’s part of the next regular patch that everyone gets.

(I’m veeerrrrrryyy much looking forward to it. Honestly I’m more excited about M11 than the new skill trees or Arms Race.)


Agree. Mayhem mode was created to appease the content creators, of which make up a tiny percentage of what used to be the player base. Dumb decision on GB’s part. Most game companies do this as they like the free pub, but in the end the other 99.9 percent of us suffer.

Making the game more difficult the way GB did with Mayhem mode doesn’t have any effect on the bullet sponge enemies, it just makes it much more frustrating to play with the limited modifiers. It rewards the players who have days on end to play and do it for a living. The rest of us frankly just don’t want the frustration.


Citation needed.

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oh i could say that it is called UVHM but for it to work they would need a massive balance work

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if you dont look at places where this gets deleted in the first 5 minutes or hated down with the comment YOU SUCK
then you will find alot of ppl agreeing with you

just never ever try to do mayhem or OP lvls ever again
its the laziest of balancing tools you can possibly do
id rather have enemies that do some crazy ■■■■ like for example
gravity threshers who throw you around
and super badass versions
whatever you want
skagzillas and so on instead of mayhem lvl 11 10k bonus health
its boring
it rly just does one thing
increase lvl without giving skillpoints

how to fix it with literally no issue?
increase lvl by 10
and do it like bl2

technically a mayhem 10 gun at lvl 65 is a 75 weapon, i did see a hellwalker lvl 60 mayhem 10 is the same as a lvl 65 mayhem 5 hellwalker

so just dont increase mayhem lvls, all weapons you have RIGHT NOW are basically endgame already so you dont piss ppl of with refarming
also with this new skilltree you got a few more options
i feel as if this would fix the game for propably most ppl

you could as a countermesure increase all enemies health as they get bigger and stronger
so a normal enemy is normal non mayhem
while a badass gains 100% more health
a super badass gains 150
ultimate 200
named or stuff such as vermivorous ( if it was in the game ) 250% bonus health

its not INSANE but makes higher tier enemies rly hard to deal with
but not THIS broken
its a soft version bewteen mayhem 1.0 and no mayhem


Care to explain your reasoning behind this? I don’t recall any streamers being overly pleased with mayhem 2.0, quite the opposite actually


Just another Grind that has taken the FUN OUT OF THE GAME. GEARBOX…Please add a way to LEVEL Your Favorite Gear (Possibly Crazy Earl’s Machine Option to Upgrade). Having to Regrind for your Best Gear at every Level Update disrespects the Time put into the game. I love Borderlands but at this point I think I will wait until the Entire Season 2 is released so that I can enjoy it and only have to Grind for the Gear 1 time.


I love BL3 but the redundancy of it forces me to take breaks from it. Sometimes I wont play for weeks, load in and look at the map wondering where I want to go and what I’d like to try to get, but then I realize I don’t really feel like trying to get anything due to the unfavorable rng because of all those bad or unwanted anointments. So, I find myself loading in just to turn the game back off and restart my haitus all over again …


I smiled and nodded to myself when I read, tuck7216 comment, this is exactly what I do…frustration unbound.

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Let me see if I can shed light to people.

It has been theorized prior to BL3 release and @Arsonist explains it the best:

Also see by @RICH_RULEZ

I’m talking about making the content so hard that the vast majority of the playerbase wants no part of. People play games to relax, the majority, not to be frustrated to no end due to bullet sponge enemies and, for example, mayhem mods which further increase difficulty.

I’ve watched many content creators on YT and Twitch who requested harder content from GB, that’s the reason we have Mayhem mode in the first place, and also why we now have Mayhem 11. The 2.0 fix actually made it worse. I’ve tried all the up to M10 and it just doesn’t make for a pleasant playing experience. That’s just me though.

Have you not watched YT or Twitch content creators playing the game???

That sounds exactly like what I do, or did, I’ve moved on to play other games since I beat the campaign and played all the DLC’s. As each DLC was released it got harder and harder to keep playing.

It’s also the exact same feeling I got when I played Destiny and gave it up after 6-7 years. I haven’t even logged on for the past 2 seasons, just too damn boring.

I guess I’m too old for the “games as a service” model. They just don’t cut it for me. Give me an AC Odyssey or Witcher 3 anyday of the week.