What gets you down?

The Boring Gun.

Share your self downers or creative ways YOU DIED.

Any strong splash weapon and an Olympic long jump Kamikaze Psycho champions that perform a jump worthy of a future super athlete, land in front of your face the second you release the trigger of your Ion Cannon.
Jumping near edges of the map and a fart booster powered Heavy lands on you whilst you’re still in the air, sending you into oblivion.


Yeah that mid air change of inertia death be the worst. I’m flying here! My trajectory is tru…

._ .

PS. I involuntary-ily burn myself into ffyl when nothing is happening. Fire barrels just wanna be my shoes all. The. time.

Playing moze and forgetting to back up from melee attackers. Constantly downed by my own splash.
Looks at ledge down below. Jump down thinking i can mantle back up. Having to suicide it to get back up.
Still backpeddle of gravewards arena.

Killing myself with reflected shots from Graveward in M3. Worst modifier ever.

Unintentional duct tape mod grenades. Doesn’t happen all that often but if it does, it’s one of the more hilarious ways to kick the bucket…

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Forgetting snowdrift artefact are not only to slide faster * die from barrel explosion triggered by the snow ball*

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Snowball+barrel in an unpopulated area… I crept and crept but knew there would be no fighting

hold x to fail

As always … novas while standing by barrels. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Running into my own Flakker shots with Zane.

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The Ion Cannon part piss me off to be honest. I play the Takedown frequently and sometimes at the area where I’m near to Wotan area I get robot dogs and enemies dashing and jumping at me, eating a rocket right at my face and I go in FFYL.

I feel all enemies are feeling kamikaze lately in taking me down with them if they gonna be dead lol

Its their way of protesting to how OP the Ion Cannon is.

Fl4k: Hounds Vs Boomer/Foursome
Zane: Scourage