What guns do you like with Tw0 Fang?

I’ve spent all my time either meleeing, using snipers, or using Jakobs shotties which don’t care about Tw0 Fang at all.

What guns do you like that actually benefit?

Dahl guns with their burstfire mode is tw0fang-tw0fun!

  • Greed
  • Twister
  • Harold
  • Kitten
  • Bekah
  • Shotgun Fibber
  • Blockhead

Not saying these are necessarily the best, but these are the guns I like using while mobbing with my L. Killer.

My personal favorites: any Jakobs assault rifle, and all my Dahl gear. Seriously though, any gun that would benefit from a higher fire rate would be under consideration for use with Tw0 Fang.


Any Vladof pistol. The Harold is also pretty nasty.

Thanks guys. Looks like I have some testing to do :smiley:

That depends. Two-fang doesn’t proc on higher fire rates (10+ I believe), so Two Fang would be wasted on something like an anarchist.

If you’re going the infinity route, a sheriff’s badge and a stalker com or leg sniper com is the route I’d go, skipping over two-fang since the fire rate will be at the cap anyways. Plus stalker com with a +6 to rising shot combined with a Sheriff’s badge and a harold (doesn’t need to be a dpuh) will wreck everything. I can go toe to toe with hyperius without abusing Bore with this setup.

My favorites for two-fang is any jakobs AR or Pistol, or anything with a mid-tier fire rate, but it feels so nice with most jakob’s weaponry. Basically anything but snipers and shotguns.


I forget sometimes that clarification is needed when a new player asks questions. As veteran players would figure I mean any eligible Vladof pistol.

I use an Infinity and a CE Rogue on the Zero I use to eridium/skins/heads farm- I think it buffs crit damage and fire rate along with Two Fang & Velocity- along with Bore it makes farming these things a heck of a lot easier…

What relic are you using with this? If it’s not a sheriff’s badge, I think you should be getting the two-fang bonus since it’s not quite at the cap.

Aaaaa I forgot to mention shotguns. Two-fang just doubles up that head exploding power. Jacobs Quads and Torgue Ravagers are especially fun! Just don’t miss that crit spot! Unfortunately, I find these shotguns loose their punch a bit in multiplayer, as it gets harder to one hit K.O when foes scale to multiple players and even more so in uvhm and op levels.

Iirc Two Fangs can proc with 10+ fire rate if you pull the trigger every shot like Jakobs.
But Dahl and Jakobs are especially good - Jakobs pistols with the trick shot prefix are just amazing with Two Fangs.

I do believe it’s the Sheriff’s Badge put I’ll check to be sure…