What guns do you regularly use that aren't 'top 10 meta'?

Seems like most discussion are about the very best of the best; Lyuda, Cutter, Hex, etc. A combination of modern gaming trends and focus on social media has given this impression that anything not currently OP isn’t worthwhile. So I’m curious what everyone uses that is more ‘pretty good & fun’ than ‘most efficient’. Personally, I’m after the Ten Gallon & Baby Maker, because Tediore is the best :robot: I also just picked up a revolver called ‘The Companion’, which could be crazy good with an Accuracy class modifier.


Since I’ve been collecting +splash dmg +area dmg +incendiary dmg on my Moze, sometimes I’d be running around killing CoV with a Maliwan Firestorm sniper rifle.

I enjoy using DAHL guns on Zane, they are accurate on the move and good for brain freeze. Nemesis, Night Flyer, Kaos and Barrage are all solid. Also enjoy using Tediore Horizon shotgun, if you can roll one with high damage and 13 pellets it’s great.

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I loved the Companion, i used it longer than i should have. It might be because the red text references the t.v. show Fire Fly. One of my favorite shows of all time. ( I’m still bitter about it being canceled all these years later. )

Currently I’m love the cryo Butcher.


Companion and Pa’s riffle must be my 2 favorite

Projectile Recursion. It’s game breaking for Amara TTB build.

Zane is my main boyo, I’ll definitely be on the lookout for those.

If Pa’s rifle is anything like Companion, that is going to be my next quest (though I’ll probably still want a Jakobs accuracy mod).

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I honestly like using the Ogre and SkekSkil , they are really fun with bottomless mag Moze, also the Gatlin Gun, Hornet and The Bitch.

Pa’s riffle has pretty high base accuracy, i shoot mobs far far away from me and it hits everytime

For my GitM Fl4k build, I sometimes use a bunch of Jakobs pistols despite their nerfs. I still use the flood, the companion, maggie, the duc (idk if this is meta), rowan’s call (idk if this is meta either), and the bangarang xl.

I never paid attention to meta in anything.

Legendaries I’ve made a bit of use of however are the following
Rowan’s Call
Gatling Gun
Queen’s Call

There are still quite a few I have yet to find in game.

Tediore homing autoshooting SMG for Cistern flyers and Slaughterstar hiders

Shredifier - more range than the Lasersploder and more dakka

ASMD excels in Slaughterstar but has a long reload. Might use it on vault hunters with reload reduction

Ten Gallon is cool though relatively low dps, but I have an anointed one that increases splash damage 120% on exiting Iron Bear. Hope it is a buff that persists after switching the weapon

And if M0, a good ol Torgue slug shotgun is basically a rocket launcher

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I keep the Hangin’ Chadd at the ready. It’s got infinite ammo, never breaks & mines incendiary and does surprisingly well against anointed’s. Its the reward from the adrenaline guy in Reliance.

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I really like the faisor. Kenulax is also a very solid sniper and the place you get it from is perfect for it. Shredifier is a fun gun, i have one with a underbarrel shotgun, but i would prefer a version with a bipod. One day it will drop, lol.

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For me it’s the Kaos. I LOVE this gun for some reason. It just feels so good to use

Actually, it does eventually break. I broke it multiple times fighting Graveward. I do really like it, though.

I don’t know what the top 10 meta guns are. Other than the aforementioned Chard, I like The Duc and the Gatlin’ Gatling Gun for general use. A good purple Masher is always good. There’s an SMG that sprays multiple elements in an odd triangle pattern that one of my Sirens has used well beyond its level. And I have an SMG or AR whose name I don’t recall which seems to shoot more and more bullets at once the longer you fire it which I wanted to try with my Bottomless Mags Moze.

No clue what the meta is, so some of these might be in it.

I instantly fell in love with the Chomper when I got one in normal mode and couldn’t wait to get a level 50 one… It has been in my first gun slot ever since with no forseeable replacement in the near future.

I have also gotten a lot of mileage out of the Kill’O the Wisp, and the Handsome Jackhammer is my ffyl sweetheart.

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The speed loadin hell walker is a hell of gun haha, especially if you’re playing fl4k or moze due to the movement speed bonus. I also love roisens thorns (torgue hand cannon).

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Not sure what you feel is the top 10 meta but I’ve been using the butcher, bekah, night hawkin, wagon weel, monocle, unforgiven, lasersploader, lucian’s call and dictator a lot.

Don’t see a lot of talk about the Re-charger shield but that’s what I’ve been using as my primary shield too

Not even level 50 yet but i know which gun i am going the farm first when i reach it.


Just that intro when you pick it up, the guitar riff with every shot, the pentagram symbol when you shot, the smoke and red barrel. Don’t care how good or bad it is. I just want to use it