What happen to golden key in-game email allocate if I have 2 characters?

Let say I am playing Amara and FL4K in parallel.
If I redeem the shift code on borderlands.com, does the in-game golden key email ( on the in-game social tab) will belong to the character I just play with?

For example, I got 4 keys email, and I load Amara to play, so I only can redeem 4 key for Amara, but FL4K will losing chance.

Because I would keep the golden key email until the characters are about LV 40~50 and redeem the weapon, thanks you!

Golden keys you redeem can be used on any character you have.

I have two characters moze and flak. I redeemed all keys on moze and they are also available on flak to.

It seems they cumulative across all characters.

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