What happened here?

First of all I love borderlands my most fondest memories of online gaming came from playing borderlands 2 I met tons of new friends and had a blast

So why doesn’t borderlands 3 have the same effect?

Let’s not beat around the Bush here
By this time in borderlands 2 lifecycle in the base game we had 2 raid bosses terramorphous …which was fun from the get go and we had the super hard vermivorous just trying to get it to spawn was a fun challenge that kept me and my friends playing and grinding until the first DlC

Borderlands 3 features nothing of the sort

Dlc 1 captain scarlet we got introduced to a new vehicle…new currency (seraph crystals) new seraph weapons and 2 extremely hard raid bosses that took my friends and I a very long time to defeat … and collect Crystal’s once a day to afford that sweet seraph loot from the creepy vendor …we also got a sweet treasure room at the end of the dlc story …honestly there was so much replayability in this dlc I was hooked .some of the nest memories I’ve had playing games

Borderlands 3 dlc 1 featured nothing of the sort there is zero replayability here except for the scraptrap nest to farm cartel weapons…that’s it…that’s all we got

Borderlands 2 dlc 2
Introduced new currency (torgue tokens) farm those for god roll unkempt in the vending machines…and we got another raid boss enough content to keep you hooked

Borderlands 3 dlc 2

Yet again nothing new just a glorified story campaign with no replayability…I mean we got a raid boss but … it’s not really a raid boss it’s very boring and doesn’t offer any incentive to grind eista

My point is… borderlands 2 at this time we had 5 raid bosses …2 new currencies …1 new weapon type and a treasure room to glitch into

Borderlands 3 has none of this at 9 months into the game …borderlands 3’s lifecycle is about 75 % done with major content updates and dlc… go on YouTube and see how bad borderlands content creators are struggling to keep making content…joltzdude plays more BL2 then 3… I’m not trying to be a dinkus malinkus here but… I cant help but feel a little let down here … borderlands 2 was just so much fun and had so much replayability. I must have bought the game 3 times for ps3 and xbox 360 and again the handsome collection…that’s how much I loved that game …I’m just struggling to find that same care and love for Borderlands as I once did … like we are almost at dlc3 and I mean yeah it looks cool but I just really hope theres some game changing elements and raid bosses and just that same sweet stuff to make me fall back in love with the game i really do.

It saddens me to know that the games really almost done until gearbox shifts full attention to something else

So yeah rant over
Let me know if you feel the same


I boot up bl2 to play with a friend and

Coop experience is spot on in 2 compared to 3 (on consoles),

Raiding is awesome,

Takedown is nowhere in digi peak level for me,

Op levels is good and mayhem mode is average (they get it right in mutator arena in pre sequel, why change it)

I like to go back to the time that what we care about is guns parts and prefixes and no anointment (kudos to those who can remember 60+ parts in bl3

No lags

No crash

Legendary drop rates is better (i blame the parts and anointments)

Cryo freezing is better in pre sequel

Phases on bosses sucks.

We are just halfway done, so hope they can turn things around for the better.

Ps. And maya is still alive…


All around nice post, I am really hoping they can turn it up with the Takedown’s.

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I agree. I’m just worried it’s to little to late… these things should have been added in the base game and first couple dlcs… even if things get turned around… do you feel it will be to little to late for players who jumped ship at base game to want to jump back in?

You hit it spot on. As much as people dont want to admit it…the game is in rough shape. Every patch fixes something then brakes another…its a vicious cycle I feel all these cartel weapons will be soon useless and I dont know about you… but …that’s all I’ve been grinding and the mayhem 6 to 10 weapons from base game bosses …all the other weapons both dlcs included are useless in mayhem 10 I find… and what happened to the raid arena in the base game that’s been avoided for 9months? What’s that about… why is gearbox not doing anything about it we are at dlc 2 and that raid arena still stays empty and unused…

I loved raiding hyperius and master gee that fight was insane …I remember playing in a 4 group and trying to take him down for 5 hrs straight…so much fun… I just dont see why they didnt bring back that I mean I’m not sure about anyone else…but when I defeated Tyreen I raced back to sanctuary to see if tannis had a invincible quest for me … I was let down surely!


I think if there is enough content, and it is fulfilling I think it could bring some players back.

I know Covid has somewhat handcuffed GBX in 2020. However I agree that there was a lack of endgame in the vanilla launch version. The Trials had so much potential, short raids with unique bosses. But no unique/dedicated loot specific to them. Circle of Slaughter’s have a nice gameplay, but no unique reward for completion. In BL2 you knew you had a Chere Amie, Creamer, or Hail waiting for you.


I remember the old gearbox borderlands forums where people would post build videos and the gun guys would explain why a perfect Harold was better than one a with bandit scope. I don’t know why GB completely trashed them in favor of this one…


There is content but it’s broken… you have to ask yourself what is it your grinding for your mayhem 10 build? Ok and then what? What is there to do who is left to defeat what drops are you striving for … my point is in borderlands 2 with the introduction to seraph weapons you could only kill master gee and hyperius once a day … and got maybe 6 or 7 seraph crystals and I think a seraph weapon from the seraph dealer was 100 ? So I mean I grinded and played just to unlock all those … legendary weapons were alot more hard to get in BL2 when you got one you were excited so farming for them took alot of RNG and then the seraph weapons added more time played to earn those …I really enjoyed that grind… i really enjoyed sitting in the farm house clipping varkids trying to get vermy to spawn and get that sweet norfleet… you had so many options to jump on with your friends and go take down a raid boss also I remember spending so much time glitching into the treasure room with friends trying to get legendaries …did you see the treasure room in moxies heist? … how does that happen ? How do you go from a giant iridium pyramid with tons of pirate chests to a poor excuse of a treasure room in the heist dlc… and to think… it a casino…and its vault yeilds absolutely nothing to be honest I feel like I bought dlc 1 for the sake of handsome jack and hmgetting to experience his narcissistic jack isms once again haa and the flak stak bot class mod …and I feel like I got dlc 2 just for the pearl of knowledge (I just bought both of them last week) cause I left borderlands 3 and just got back into it after 2 dlcs to see what was up… so yeah my I spent 20 on a artifact to help me in mayhem 10.. and that artifact and another 20 on a class mod… that’s just my opinion I am really rooting for dlc3 to be amazing and have lots of replayability also the new takedown looks decent… reminds me of a vault of glass from destiny hopefully it is just as fun


Yeah that’s insane watching joltzdude on youtube just naming off all the parts like counting fingers and toes haha

What I wouldn’t give for this…

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I’m glad you like Borderlands 2. It’s a great game. I enjoy Borderlands 3 more.

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Yea, I agree with Joe. I personally would rather grind and get alot of crappy drops with some good ones thrown in than grind for days just to get one drop that may or may not even be that good.

But that’s just my personal preference, not hating on anyone.

Look, it’s all about perspectives. As someone who played the crap out of every BL game, I rate BL2 the worst of the franchise.
OP levels were the opposite of incentivizing. Seraph vendors were only good up to TVHM, then it was bsck to farm for gesr to kill the raids over and over again. With abyssmal drop rates.
There’s nothing in the world BL3 could do to become worse than BL2. Except copying it’s formula.
TPS was way better than BL2 and that’s where Gbx should take a look if any at all.

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The only good endgame item in a seraph vendor was the Antagonist shield.

TPS was truly underrated for some reason.


True dat!