What happened to 3rd squad CO?

(Currahee) #1

So it all started when I was in church and I suddenly ask myself, “What ever happened to 2nd Platoon lieutenant?”. Since Mac was the platoon sergeant, he should be following order from his platoon leader, who should be a second lieutenant. He could probably be that lieutenant that you saved on one of the missions in RTH30 but I doubted it very much.

I also wondered what happened to 1st squad. Since Red commands 2nd and Baker’s 3rd, who got 1st? Is it the squad that Rendoc put in the mod?

Now, if you follow the chain of command, who is in charge of Fox Company? Who is it XO? We knows that Cole commands 3rd Battalion and then we never heard much from the XO since we (somehow) under the commands of Colonel Sink of the 506th. That being said, how come we never hear much from the battalion commander of the 502nd?

No, Cole didn’t lead the 502nd, it was LTC Michaelis, but then a German shell landed near the regimental CP, hitting all the officers there so the command went to 2nd Battalion commander, LTC Steve Chappuis.

In Hell’s Highway, it was shown that Mac became the Company first sergeant or the HQ first sergeant, leaving 2nd platoon sergeant without a spot, and we still hadn’t heard from the platoon leader.

What do you guys think?

(Marcomi X) #2

Here you should find all the known answers.

From the page about Mac:

Hassay enlisted in the Army in 1930 and by 1939 was a full Sergeant. He was eventually deployed to England with the rest of his unit to train for the initial invasion of Normandy, Operation Overlord. He served as Platoon Sergeant for 3rd platoon of Fox Company. When Fox jumped on June 6, 1944, one of two C-47 transport planes carrying the platoon was shot down by antiaircraft fire and Lieutenant Jackson, in command of 3rd Platoon, was killed. Hassey took command when Jackson never turned up, and after the officer’s death was discovered, he remained as acting platoon leader for the remainder of the fighting in Normandy. By the time of September 1944 and the start of Operation Market Garden, Hassey had been promoted from staff sergeant (E-6) to first sergeant (E-8), serving as Fox Company’s senior NCO.

(Currahee) #3

How did I never saw this? Thanks Marcomi.

But what about the higher command? And after Normandy, there should be replacements coming in for preparation in Market Garden so who is in charge of 3rd platoon now?