What happened to BL2?

Just went into my game, must have had a patch installed, because now I can’t click on my customization skins.

I can pick up or buy skins but cannot use them, they are not there when I open my items, they are there if you wish to sell at any shop or machine, but cannot click to be used/open/unlocked, I can transfer them into claptraps box, but the problem goes across all characters.

Have noticed now the weapons are in their own slots, pistols, smg’s, assault guns/rifles, sniper where before they were all jumbled in your back-pack

How can I undo the last patch or is Gearbox going to fix this problem?

There was no patch that I know of. As far as the ordering of items in the backpack, you can toggle the sort order (on console, use the left and right triggers.) Not sure about the skins. Quick question on that: is there red text on the item card for those skins/heads? If you drop one from your inventory, is there any notation on the item card when you put your cross-hairs over it?

Edit: In one sort order, you only see weapons, while in another you will see relics/grenade mods/shields/skins and heads - is that what’s happening?

Yeah, make sure your inventory is set to view ‘all’.

99% sure you’ve just sorted your backpack by weapon type. This will place guns into their own categories (Pistols, SMGs, Snipers, etc.), and hide all of the ‘Items’ (The next sort category). ‘Items’ are your grenade mods, class mods, customization (skins/heads), relics, shields, etc.

Just sort your backpack again.

As others have mentioned, it’s always been in the game, but it sounds like you just found it by accident. :smile:

Thank you for your input, crikey, (I’m Australian) 64, you learn something every day, found the problem, see below

99% sure your right, don’t know how it happened but somewhere in all the excitement, somehow, I clicked on that little box on the left with the half circle, and it just showed weapons. Today went back in, following everyone’s advice, started looking around, looking looking looking, what’s that box do up there, click on box, shows items manufactured by what Company, WOW, don’t forget I’m 64, click on next arrow, shows ALL items, WOW-Wee, getting bettr, Woo-Hoo,

Problem Solved, Struth, pluck a duck, you learn something every day, thanx everyone for your input, I gotta tell you, playing solo on Assassin is damn hard, I’m going back to Commando, at least I’ve got an extra turrent to cut down the monsters

Good to hear. Glad you’re sorted.

(Pun intended)