What happened to Chubbies, Tubbies and Hoarder Tinks?

So yeah …I haven’t seen one in at least the last 1000 hrs of my personal playtime. What gives?

I’ve never seen a tubby in BL3, but I’ve seen chubby skags and hoarder tinks, both while farming the Demoskaggons in the Droughts.

Been farming Skrakk for a SkekSil for a few hours. Saw like 3 Chubbies.

They are still a thing but they are pretty damn rare. I have the feeling that at least Hoarder Tinks might have a higher spawnrate during the story.

I’ve seen and killed many chubbies but have still yet to get a legendary drop from one. I have however gotten many from hoarder tinks but after the removal of the Jakobs Estate hoarder tink, I hardly ever see them anymore.

They could do with increasing the rates on these fellas. They should be rare but a fun addition to the game. At the moment, the game wouldn’t change much if they disappeared entirely.


I like getting a chubby from time to time!! :joy::joy:

As I recall BL2s Chubby enemies didn’t really drop much anyway. In TVHM they had a chance to drop a bunch of stuff but it was still rare to get the skins or other legendary items.
When they added UVHM and changed them to Tubby enemies they stated dropping a splash of items and usually gave you a Skin, Legendary or Pearl. I think I have killed maybe 3 or 4 chubbies in BL3 and out of those I remember one of them dropping a purple.

I feel like after they adjusted Loot Tinks back in the first couple months of the games launch they are definitely rare and you only see them when you roam Bandit infested areas. From my experience they can’t spawn in the Slaughter Shaft but I could be wrong on that.
This makes the likelyhood of seeing one while participating in end game activities very low. Playing naturally it probably the best way to find them. Honestly I don’t mind them being more elusive then they where in BL2 because they almost always drop something good once your at max level. One of the worst feelings in BL2 was killing a Tubby or Ultimate Badass loot Midget to get nothing but vendor trash.

Anyone else miss farming them for class mods?

as much as I miss farming Varkids

I’ve gotten legendaries from them. They don’t have dedicated drops (like in BL2) so the drop rate is based on your Mayhem level.