What happened to empowered minions?

Ever since the 6/14 patch I don’t think I’ve seen empowered minions every 4th wave, but I don’t see anything in the patch notes saying they removed this. I only play Incursion, so this is where I noticed it.

Does anyone know what happened to them? I don’t really care either way, just curious as to why it didn’t show up in the patch notes if they did take it out.

They change that back in the patch on May 23 2016. Is in those patch notes.

The May 23 notes stated that they no longer spawn after killing the enemy team’s first sentry, instead they spawn every 4th wave.

Now I don’t see them at all, and there was nothing in the last update saying they took out empowered minions completely.

Do you still see empowered minions every 4th wave?

Maybe it was because of some bug that have those shepherd minions spamming overshields; or, let me say this, overshields needing to be nerfed, haha.

Haha, back when the empowered minions showed up every 4th wave, the overshields did come on very frequently which was annoying. I didn’t know that was a bug though, but yea those empowered minions were pretty op.

This seems like a significant change to the game if they’ve been taken out and I’m surprised I can’t find any information on it from gearbox’s update notes. It makes me wonder whether they did disappear or if I imagined it all…

They might have only been taken out temporarily. Was anyone else seeing whole minion waves of nothing but Shepards ? I’m not sure why in the world it was happening, but they might have started bugging out and needed some kind of fix.

I imagine I would have seen people talking about that though, if that’s what was going on, it was a bit of a problem. :laughing:


I’m pretty sure they were removed until they can figure out what was causing the log jams.

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oh i saw that happen a lot, but only for a couple of days. Not much more OP than 6 sheps in a row :smile: