What happened to fair match making?

90% of the time I end up with lower level team mates against a team of 100’s and get completely destroyed. What happened to fair match making!? I think you had it before this last update.

I believe they took off the ELO from PC (that’s if you are playing on PC, not sure about the other systems) due to the low numbers before all these flash sale deals were taking place. Now there is an abundance of new players, which is great… But now it’s match making them with Lv 100s and stuff

Those low-level Newborns are tomorrow’s beastly Battleborns, not everybody was great day one. To be honest, it Probably took me a good solid week before I knew the ins and outs of most of these PvP maps/modes. I would suggest finding ways to cope and keep your cool, because the more maps and characters that get released, the more critical patches that get implemented, the more good word of mouth that gets spread we can expect to see a gradual increase in the player base. That is good for you, me, and everyone else who is in love with this game.

My first pvp match was abysmal I think I went 5-12. 3 weeks later an average match for me now is going 10-0. 20-0 for a good match. 28-0 was my best match.

I wish I was that good. I had the unfornate experience of unlocking Benedict and making him my main, so I said “Lets PvP and get these kills real quick!”

Yea, it was bad, oh so bad. I definitely had more fingers on one hand than I did kills for the longest time, and I was strictly playing capture (deathmatch with objectives xD). Luckily my skills have improved, and my Benedict is stinging like a wasp and not just buzzing like a gnat.