What happened to GenIVIV after you give her to Marcus?

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I just don´t know, maybe he give her to Tannis. This idea has potential for the next game I hope will come around 4-5 years.

As you give her to Marcus Balex says to put her in a old toilet Marcus says he knows just the one! :wink:

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Thar sequence of dialogue is so odd tbh. I also think it is kind of strange that the Messy Break Up Shield also has Geniviv inside it it.

The first time my friend and so played though the game we got the shield and equiped it just after the mission thinking it was a reward for the quest similar to BL2s Out of Body Experience quest. We realized after that it was in fact a drop off the boss. It dose make me wonder if they originally planned or the shield to be tied to the quest but that is pure speculation.


I know that, but doesn´t show it as some easter egg inside Sanctuary III as the heater or other buttons inside the spaceship.

The only Easter Eggs I know of in Sanctuary is when you push several of the buttons Balex says “What are you doing, you’ll kill us all!.. naw I’m just kidding”.

Funny thing is we don’t see said Toilet or any toilet anywhere on Sanctuary. Maybe they just dump in the cargo bay and then vent it? Maybe Earl took toilet paper hording to a new level and is keeping all the actual toilets locked up.


Can’t shake the feeling that she originally was supposed to just be put into the Messy Breakup which would have been a reward for that quest. Maybe they scrapped that for some reason.


That’s my feeling too.

There are more easter eggs in sanctuary


Balex ejected that b**** and needs us to pick her up. He’ll tell you so every single time you try to talk to him.

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Also, isn’t there a toilet in Marcus’s office behind the sdu table? I can’t remember, but it looks like he uses that room as a toilet at least.

Marcus might create this, lol

I’ve had him berate me when taking a shortcut over a certain section of the engine area, “You serious? Don’t touch that! It’s an incredibly expensive dangerous engine.” :laughing:

This was actually discussed previously and we came to these deductions. Messy Breakup has a copied AI program from GenIVIv. Marcus put her in a broken toilet. That toilet is most definitely not the one in Konrads Hold.

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