What happened to http://shipyards.relicnews.com/?

http://shipyards.relicnews.com/ is a good website but has not been updated since 2004. Is it still run by the same person because there is no contact information for the person that made it as far as I can tell.

It was created and set up by Jim Francis, a.k.a. Arioch, and initially hosted on his website before being moved to relicnews.

Does he actually do anymore websites because shipyards has become very old with Homeworld 2 not actually being finished yet in the pages.

His own website is still maintained and he’s still pursuing his own projects. If you were interested in getting shipyards up to date, I’d suggest http://www.relicnews.com/contact/ as your first stop, but I’m by no means an authority on it.

Apparently he does not host shipyards.relicnews.net as his main website because of hosting issues so he uses the well of souls website instead.