What happened to matchmaking?

What did you do to the matchmaker since the last update? All of a sudden im getting matched up with and against players sub CR10.

My last game i had 2 people on my team that were level 2 13 minutes into the game… Obviously they dont know what they are doing, why are they getting matched up with me (CR100)?

Before the last update it was rare for me to see someone lower then CR50 unless partied up.


queue times were way too long for a new game. the best thing they could possibly do in the situation we are in with the game is drastically loosen up the grasp on elo based matchmaking so we can all just play. nothing fun about really tight skill based matchmaking. really long queue times, and having to be in a party and sweat every single match. mixing it up is fun. gives you some good and some bad on every team


Still have long queue times though.

And some good and some bad doesnt even describe it. People Im getting matched up with straight up dont know how to play, and its not fun for either party.

I would rather play 4v5 than have someone who dies 20 times on my team, since they spend more time dead than anything else and just feed XP to the enemy

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just got 3 people level 5 and under

Just lost 3-500

I really hate this game


I’ve been linking this in threads I find relevant… I think this is a really hard issue to solve. They’re trying to mix things up and speed up matchmaking, but it’s honestly hurting new players’ morale & willingness to stick with games.

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Thats pretty much how all my games were tonight. Game is pretty much unplayable now. If they dont change it soon im done with Battleborn.


They had a choice:

  • leave matchmaking as it was, with ELO brackets and such
  • remove limiters and let everyone play with each other

The ELO based matchmaking just doesn’t work when the player pool is so small, so I’m grateful for this change. It will most likely be restored to normal when Battleborn has more concurrent players.

Now, while we’re at it, I can share the numbers too - yesterday I was matched with levels 3, 4, 5 and 9. I’m level 53. The opposing team was 20+, 20+, 40+, and 90+ premade with some lower level. I took a look at that and thought “whatever, let’s have fun”.

We lost. But we didn’t lose 50-1000, not 200-1000. We had over 900 points, and lost only due to small mistakes by the end. It was lots if fun.

But I could also leave after seeing the numbers, get matched with level 40+s, and lose 500-1000, as it’s happening frequently nowadays.

Give the new players a chance, you might be surprised.


Hmm, I definitely think that CR is not an accurate representation of skill, but this is definitely a problem. If that’s what it takes to get matches now, sure, I guess lower levels need to be matched with higher levels more loosely. But… Maybe not this uneven.

Matchmaking queue times were anywhere from 15 minutes to 60+ minutes depending on the time and day. This should never happen for a Multiplayer game. I’d rather play with random skilled players with almost instant queue pops than have to wait up to 60 minutes for a game to start.

That sounds great! My only issue is this seems extremely rare and anecdotal… Conversely I’ve spoken to quite a few players and myself included, and have had very opposite outcomes with very similar group comps as yours. They complained from the start regarding balance and left; or just gave up early. I tried my best to assure them and stick with it, but it’s just not happening that frequent. Yes, command rank is not skill, but there’s no denying hundreds of hours usually beats someone new.

And on the other end I totally agree with this point. It was getting down right abysmal to wait for even incursion and meltdown maps. I mean yeah, I’d prefer this current way too… But I’m just seeing a lot of new players stop playing the game due to really bad matchups against high level grouped players.

i like it better this way.

faster qs, youll win some, youll lose some… youll DOMINATE some… and sometimes youll get DOMINATED… thats just the way it is whether the old system comes back or not.

I like the way it is now. New player do kind of get thrown to the wolves but the ones that stick with it will get better due to playing with higher skilled players. Were gamers were problem solvers if that problem is our tactics in a game isn’t working then we figure out what does work. This will only help the game long term.

This is what i dont like. It just comes down to pure luck of which team gets the bad players. and I didnt notice any difference in my matchmaking times. Still took 5-10 mins on ps4, sometimes more, sometime less.

This seems rather contradictory to me. Getting thrown to the wolves generally mean you die, which in this case means you quit playing battborn. I dont think i would play for long if all my games i spent 20 minutes watching a respawn timer

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You have to remember that all of this is most probably a temporary band-aid to matchmaking. They widened the ELO brackets all the way, so that anyone can play until there are enough players to bring back the normal system. In effect, games can be unfair, but at least you’re playing and gaining XP.

I’m just happy to see new players around … that’s all i have to say about this.

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That’s why I said that the ones that stick around will get better (and get better faster) which will only make help in the long run as far as having better players and more competitive matches…of course when u just use those two quotes its going to sound contradictory. Yes I know some people might quit playing because of this but if the higher lvl players will help them through the games they play, they would stick around longer because they would have a little help at first. All you have to do is use your mic and just talk to them…toxicity in games will run players off faster than not doing well

It’s not so much that Battleborn needs new player, as much as it’s the people who bought the game need to play the game. According to steamdb, only about 1/3 of all the people who own the game played in the last two weeks. Gearbox/2K simply need to do something to encourage these people to log on and play.

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That’s an interesting stat. This is a tough issue, and I really sympathize with both sides.

At the heart of it though I agree with this; the people who bought it need to come back!


Is this an intended change? Is this working as intended? Is matchmaking going to stay like this?

Right now its just a frustrating experience, and after 1-2 matches i just dont feel like playing anymore because of it.

Also, maybe i just didnt see it, but was this mentioned in the change notes anywhere? Im finding a lot of stuff changing without seeing it in the patch notes. Like the lighting levels of overgrowth (looks much uglier now) and the ding sound from crits. Stuff that doesnt really effect gameplay.

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