What happened to matchmaking?

Just had a game that was 4v5 and won with the disconnected player from the very start. Our Marquis was terribad. Watched him die to a wave a minions without a single enemy character in sight…twice. Basically won the game with me and thorn taking on their 5 (bad) players, while Marquis and Montana just ran at them and died…repeatedly. Our Thorn had more kills than their entire team combined.

Game before that had a Kelvin on the other team that would literaly run from their sentry to ours with chomp ready. Did this multiple times. Dont think he ever got that chomp off. He quit the game 15 minutes in or so. I was level 8, he was level 2.

Its no fun playing with and against people who dont understand the very basics of not just Battleborn, but games in general. Like…

Dont stand in the fire
Dont rush the enemy with 1hp
Dont fight 1v5
Dont chase the enemy all the way to their spawn

PLEASE fix matchmaking!


Just had another terrible game. My team literally stood still trying to out snipe a Toby.

First ISIC tried. No overcharge shots, no Aegis, No wards. Just stood there. Died multiple times to him.

Marquis tried too, but either he couldnt aim or didnt know how to fire. Marquis should completely destroy Toby, but he couldnt even land a shot on him.

Every game I have played since the last hotfix has been like this. Games just come down to he has more noobs. If i get one decent player on my team I win, if i have 4 rocks for a team I lose.

Done playing until matchmaking gets fixed.

/end rant

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Its just something that had to be done.I think players in my region(asia) might actually be lower than 100 from 700 total players.MM isnt going to work anyway might as well drop it.just take the game as a casual fun or leave it i think

Thats pretty much where I am at now. Matchmaking was fine before the last hotfix, now its just straight trash

New player here, and ****** so much already. This game has a huge problem: it is now too cheap to make players try hard because they paid a lot of money when they get recked every.single.game. And yes, it is stupid i get into lobbys only against 50-100 when i am level 5. You can not really win that. No fun, players will leave, game dead.


Just thought this would be a good place to reiterate. High CR doesn’t mean anything, as CR can be gained in PvE without the player learning anything about how to play PvP effectively. I happen to be an excellent example of that. Low CR is an opportunity to teach, learn, and encourage the “New Players” it is in everyone’s best interest to get.

Is it stated anywhere that CR was EVER used to determine matchmaking? With other stats available to the devs, why would they use something they already know isn’t indicative of ability? They can see how many hours a player has played PvP, so why not use that instead?

It seems to me the devs could simply create a class that those who choose to play in have to expect longer wait times, due to fewer players instead of restricting people who just want to play.

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CR doesn’t get used for match making, there supposedly was (or is) an ELO system behind it.

That being said, CR does to some extent mean something.

A lot is resting on the next Battleplan for me. I’m close to dropping this game. Went up against a 5 man pre made last night. All CR 100. Three Obliterate titles and one Old Man Cranky. We were 5 randoms. I just got CR100. Everyone else 20-40.

Worst Meltdown game I have seen in 170 hours. We got obliterated all right. I’m not great at this game, but I can hold my own and help the team, but I spent the whole game being hunted. Waited 15 minutes for that game too.

Actually lost my last 10+ PvP matches. My last 8-10 PvE matches have only had 2-3 players, and I find that getting to be a chore. 30 minutes for bad drops and no more XP. This game is starting to be not fun.

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That is not true imho.

Yes, there might be some players gaining all in pve. But I honestly do not think thats the majority of the players. Plus, game time does mean experience, so pleeeease do not try to tell me it is fair if i have to play vs high levels all the time. It just cant be.

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Even if you played PvE all the way to 100 and played your first PvP match at 100, you still have the experience of knowing how the game works, how characters play, what characters are capable of, and how to gain XP. A low level player (under 20) doesnt have that experience.

So while CR doesnt equal skill, a very low (under 20) means they are still learning the basic of the game. These low level players should not be matched with high skilled/experienced players.

Actually, I disagree. I am CR 100 and reached Character Rank 15 with several BB and I suck at PvP. I’ve played against people who are CR 10 and been trounced. The learning curve for the game itself isn’t that steep. All you have to do is have hours played to get CR 100, you actually have to know the maps and have some skill with at least one character to do well in PvP. One can gain that knowledge and skill without rising through the CR quickly.

Although I may not be typical, I also wouldn’t assume someone with a high CR knows anything more about PvP than anyone else.

CR simply isn’t a good gauge of PvP experience.

If the devs know better than to use CR to determine ability, I would hope players would stop relying on it as well.

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There are always going to be outliers. Sure, your going to have some decent low CR players, just as you are going to have some bad CR100 players. But on average, the CR100 will beat the low level. Maybe not 100% of the time, but damn sure more than 50%

They used to use a form of ELO, but with the recent hotfix they decided, f*ck it and got rid of all skill based matchmaking.

Before the last hotfix i rarely saw anyone under CR30, and had pretty balanced matches. Now? Im lucky to get someone who isnt a potato on my team.

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I don’t even agree with the “average” being higher CR means better PvP player. Especially since all the people I played PvE with turned to PvP BECAUSE they were reaching the upper limits of what can be achieved in PvE and wanted a new challenge.

Every single one had to learn how to play PvP just like a newbie. New gear loadouts, new helix choices, new teams. I think a lot of assumptions are made about PvE players by those who actually did buy the game just for PvP.

Well, you can either wait for the potatoes to become more skilled or try to get the devs to reverse what they did to fix the long wait times.

But you knew
What gear is
What helix choices are (even if you are choosing different paths you know how the helix works)
What character roles are
What characters are capable of
Have access to mutations from higher level characters

This gives you an advantage over a fresh player. While you dont know the maps and modes, you know the characters. You know how the game works.

I dont know about you, but the more I do something, the better i get at it. Obviously players are going to start at different “floors” and have different “ceilings”, but you ARE going to get better with experience.

I don’t disagree with the concept of skill and experience going together, I just don’t believe it takes ten or more CR to figure out the mechanics of playing BB.

The mechanics? No. The many, many many possibilities how characters work together snd what you csn do when (i can dive that with that xp)? Yes.

Now this is what I’m saying can’t be learned without actually playing PvP. A person can gain CR just by playing the prologue over and over. It doesn’t teach a person a thing about PvP. This is my point.

I would say the biggest advantage that high CR players have is that they’ve had time to figure out how characters work and which ones suit them better. That doesn’t mean they are necessarily playing a character they are experienced with in a given match, but the potential is there.

Exactly! Help the new players instead of hunting them down and killing them like vermin, just so you can say that you got 15-20 kills in a single game!

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