What happened to meltdown?

I cant find a game with meltdown. Is anyone playing it anymore or is that ■■■■ just broken? Im with XB1, anyone else with this problem?


Same problem here, seems that if you get too high of a W/L ratio you run into this problem

Mhh, no issues here (XB1, Europe) - could it be update/patch related? The last 2 patchdays I had connection/MM issues because I forgot to download the new version of BB.

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Had this issue a couple of times, reset the game, and clear your cache. Had worked for me anytime the issue appeared.

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Im on XB1 on west coast US, only issue I have is sometimes I need to close the game and re-open it because for some reason the first attempt to find matches usually just stalls out and finds nobody. The reset of the game always works for me, however and I end up having no problems after that

Did the same. It worked.

Right, I have this game on XB1 and PS4… This seems to be a problem unique to xbox. I have started closing the game every time I shut off my xbox and that seems to fix the issue.

I only have this problem with PvE. I generally find people for PvP quite fast (Europe).

I don’t have any issues with it. If you’re in a que for a long time cancel it and restart. It happens in many games such as Smite. It relates to how it searches and adds people to said search. If that doesn’t work try quitting and resetting the app. As a last resort clearing your alt MAC address could help too.