What happened to my DLCs?

I downloaded the BHC on my PS4. All my stuff and characters from my disk version uploaded and saved correctly onto the digital version I just downloaded. However, every single DLC is missing. I’m redownloading the Lilith DLC but that only solves one of the DLCs that is missing.


Please help!

When you say ‘missing’, do you mean they’re not showing up in the FT menu, or not showing on disk? If the PS4 version is the same as the XB1, then the HC version of BL2 is just one humungous download - only Commander Lilith should show as a separate file.

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correct. Doesn’t show in the fast travel menu.

When I had the disk version it showed. Now that I’m on a digital version I don’t have them but they’re the same version and everything. Everything else is there including trophies, keys, gear, including characters. I just can’t teleport or access DLC

Did you donwloaded full game already, or just the part letting you start the game?

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How do I know if the game fully downloaded? I don’t see anything else downloading except the Lilith dlc. The other dlcs should be there because I’m able to access everything else, right? (Besides the dlcs)

If the download is completed in the PS4 menu, you may try Rebuild Database.

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Can you tell me exactly how to get there and will that delete everything?

The Commander Lilith DLC sorts the DLC locations in a new order! I would check the complete fast travel locations list, to make sure that there are really gone.

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Start here:

Check your FT menus first though - @OMEGA has a good point about the location order changing with the new DLC.


The list is very short. I scrolled all the way up and down. All I have is the main campgain.

Will that delete my game? If I do the database thing?

No, it’s all safe.
Just remember to choose option 5.

Update: 2 of the DLC’s are here (Pirate’s Booty and Digistruct Peak) but I’m still missing the HH’s pack, TORGUE, Hammerlock and I can’t remember if there’s more

I think it’s still downloading and I am a dumb butt. It says download status 23 out of 34 GB done. I guess that’s why the two DLCs showed up.

If I have any more problems I’ll comment again and send 2K a support ticket.

Thank you all!


Yeah, that why I asked you about downloading status in the first place :slight_smile:

For the future, on the information tab in your main menu it shows your downloads…BL2 is a massive file