What happened to my old account and topics?

i can not log in using my old account of Sir Laggor and i can not find my old threads in the search system.

i had to make a new account.

New forum system, they killed off the old vBulletin based forums. Guess they couldn’t import the old users and their posts to the new system.

This is more suitable for the GB talk area. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, this is completely new forum and thus, a new start for everyone.

Also, I’ll move this to the correct section for you! :slight_smile:

So we can’t link to threads in the old forum?

I thought they were going to be locked but we’d still be able to link to them.

Hm, i first tried to old.forums… Not working…
second attempt without dot and here it is

i’am genius :sunglasses:

thanks so much!
i can’t login though, hmm. strange, but i guess it doesn’t make a difference now…