What happened to teamwork?

I am getting sick and tired of people joining my game in the middle of a fight I’ve been working hard at, just to steal my loot. I really wanna play with others…but what makes you think you deserve to walk into someone else’s game and steal all of the loot in a fight you didn’t even help with. Look I am all about sharing, but why is everyone playing against each other? This has got to stop. Its really pushing me away from online play at all…

Which game are you playing, and what’s your level?

If you are leaving your game open for Randoms, then sorry to say, this is bound to happen

6 Years of MMO’s taught me to always group with people I know, because while you will eventually find a diamond in the rough, it takes a lot of rough first.

I haven’t teamed up since the game came out on the 360, and my gaming partner eventually moved over to the PS4, I tend to run solo now as I am quite a fussy bugger

Don’t play with randoms I’d say.
Haven’t done that from the start, it is best to just solo, play with friends, or play with people you can find here.

ATM I am playing BL2 on Xbox one. I am starting to feel like I’m the only one over ten still playing…

as a couple have said that is what happens when you open the game up to randoms, but that being said. The way I do it is,

  1. when I host an open game, the random players can pick up whatever they want, the only exception being a few mission/side mission rewards which I do as friends only anyway.
  2. I do my farming in a friends only game, along with the few missions / side mission for the rewards. Take the Wildlife preserve map as an example. Open game first, I will not let Doc’s orders get picked up (sometimes had to end open game then reopen game when reached WEP) that way I can rush through with randoms to open the area up , then come back later in a friends only game and farm for stuff with Doc’s orders mission on.

Open games are a Good way to find good players, but as some have said it takes a lot of sifting through them to find others who play as you do or this forum is a very good place to find Good players that work together.

I do have Xbox 1 and the Handsome Collection, but do not have it loaded yet, as I’m spending a lot of time roaming Fallout 4’s wasteland, I may load the handsome Collection this weekend, but fallout 4 will still get priority for a while

add me man im on allot! gt is Xx T3RRIER xX

can i add you? im so lonely on borderlands 2 lol xbox one

Add me if you’re willing to play fair. :slight_smile:
I just can’t play with the selfish ones anymore. I understand that I am opening my game up to the public, it is just sad that MOST of the public are not people that are fun to play with imo.

That being said, my GT is LuckieCharmsOG
If you see my game open to the public, that’s what it is. But please, if you join me, play fair. :slight_smile: thanks