What happened to the 30 day patch?

I thought there was a lot of talk about a day 30 patch but we’re soon to hit the 5 week mark of Borderlands 3 being out. Has there been mention of this patch no longer coming or delays on it?

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Maybe tomorow or friday

It will most likely be added at the same time (day) that they patch in the Bloody Harvest Halloween event, provided the “day 30” patch made it through Sony/Microsoft certs.

Its gonna turn into 40day patch most probably.Would not be surprised if its dropped with Bloody Harvest like above said.And it has logic to it.

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afaik they called it 30-day patch in one tweet, before launch… i wouldn’t call that an official release date. it’s just a small hint on when to expect a patch. A lot change in a month. it’s probably closer to 30 days than 60 days. that’s what it meant.


Now, since they mentioned echo extension, it’s quite likely we’ll see the patch this week. Becauce next weeks event is Mayhem on twitch, but it could be unreleated aswell.

After their twitch live stream discussin it earlier this week, I’d be surprised if it didnt release this week.

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It better be before Sunday. This eridium event sux skag balls.

I think it‘ll be next thursday.
I hoped that they didn‘t mean work days , but it would be exactly 30 work days.
Would also kinda fit into the logical timespan for the bloody harvest (24th Oct). I‘ll give my bets to the 24th for the day 30 patch AND bloody harvest

it’s quite possible the event is actually already done, maybe even in the game files and just waiting for the on switch. but if it’s not, i don’t see why they couldn’t add it today if a patch is released. it’s still need to be activated on their end.

hell, it could possibly even be like one of diablo 3’s events, tied to a hard coded date. if you set your PS4 on jan 1, you gain access to diablo 1’s event whenever you want - it’s suppsed to be once every year in januari. Maybe it’s the same here, given the offline nature of BL3.

I thought that was the patch we got on 10-03…

They’re too busy doing hotfixes to nerf everything


The 30 day patch got nerfed.

Its 70 percent delayed but 25 percent done.

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An update on this would be nice.

I remember last week when I told people that 30 days already passed, they were complaining that it doesnt need to be EXACTLY 30 days, lets see what 30 actually means…

See, this is exactly why gearbox don’t give info about progress.

Something takes longer than suggested, and here we are.

Would be nice to have some kind of expected window, there are still MASSIVE issues with this game, the fact of the matter is this patch shouldn’t have been a 30 day one, but it should have been in the build at launch.

No amount of data mining live service rubbish is going ot make up for the fact this is going to be game breaking / fixing fundementally, not just hot fixes to weapon damages but a whole build number change.

Do you think if they had gave us a new timeframe in any of the weekly hot fix releases, we would be having responses like this?

“We are working in it” seems very aloof

Transparency, communicating with your fans and more importantly, people who paid money for a game that is clearly not up to a standard of decency, let alone greatness.

I understand games games launch with issues. Just let us know a new time table.

I dont think that is a huge ask.