What happened to the Ascension Bluff raid boss?

Korilax, or whatever…

Didn’t a lot of people hype that up and spend time trying to figure it out because Gearbox teased something? “Korilax sleeps” or something like that.

Kind of a kick in the pants that it was just… nothing. Just an obvious boss arena with sealed doors on my map… nothing to see here…

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What happened to any of the raid bosses. We have exactly zero in the whole game.

Now we have full raids, which is better.


I would much rather have the bosses in the raids we have be enjoyable to get to.
As it sits the gtd is annoying to fight every single mob along the path and complete tasks with that. Id rather pay 10,000 uselessness purple bars and not have to do that and get the extremely underwhelming lootsplosion from the boss in gtd.
Tldr: F raids give us some bosses that can be farmed.


This depends. Bosses are easier to pick up and play without all the to and fro. The takedowns take a ton of time I don’t always have.


Why not both? Just cuz u think its better doesnt mean it is. Ppl crave both. They had em in bl2

Having both is best for the Community


i missed this out. do you have source for this?