What happened to the BL3 Character Skill Trees?

Is Gearbox tinkering with them or have they been eliminated altogether?

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I was wondering as well. I hope they are in process of updating them to be better.

Maybe they are changing them because of tomorrow’s patch ? i have my hopes way to high right now, im going to get dissapointed…

Are you talking about on the website? Or in-game? Really confused as to what you’re referring to.


on the website.

they nerfed everything so bad that it made the skill tree disapear completely. OR its being updated. you choose.

The borderlands.com website used to let you play around with character skill trees which was fun because you could plan a build beforehand or quickly look up some stats without having to jump into the game.
I’ve just noticed that this feature isn’t available anymore. Is there any official reason as to why? Is it because characters are getting major overhauls in the 30 days patch? Is it only disabled temporarily or gone for good?


It’s happened a couple times. The VIP system was down for maintenance, so probably doing a bunch of stuff siteside

On borderlands.com there’s the splash art, a bit of empty space where the skill trees ought to be, then media.

Sorry if this is the wrong thread for this, “tech support” is for the game itself, I assumed.


Yeah, it’s been missing all day. Hopefully they get it fixed soon, because the unofficial one is horribly outdated, FL4K is missing and the values are wrong for many of the others’ skills due to balancing since the demo builds.

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I can confirm that the skill trees are missing. This gets really annoying as a lot of guides and news articles about character builds reference this site.

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Been feeling crazy about this for the past hour. Glad to know it wasn’t just me.

Still no update on if/when we can expect it back?

I’m mad because i saved my build to my phone to reference as i lvl up, and now It’s gone. Apparently it’s not stored on my phone, it’s saved on the site which sucks.

In fact your settings are stored/encoded in the URL you bookmarked (it’s the long text at the end of the URL). The skill tree website decodes it and shows your selected skills.

Just decode in ur head bro lmao

A Reddit post about this topic informed me about an app in the app store that has interactive skill tree’s. I was just using it and it work’s good. Search Borderlands 3 .

Skill trees seem to work again. :grinning:

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I cant seem to access them anymore. Was just using it yesterday. What is going on

Maybe they’re changing them again to coincide with changes coming in the patch this week…

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