What happened to the bone shredder?

I was just randomly googling for the bone shredder because i was thinking of some alternatives for dictator/monarch gameplay and saw how the bone shredder got screwed over

From SMG to pistol (as a spray weapon) and removing all elements
Is anyone using it right now? Can it do anything?


I had a corrosive bone shredder at level 50 and haven’t seen one since.

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I have one at level 57 which I got in MH 10, though for the moment I assume it’s underpowered. Haven’t used it–just wanted it as a collectible.

I have 4 on M6 in RAd, Elec, normal and Fire, so it comes in elements. Ps4 self farmed.

I didn’t even know the Bone Shredder made it to BL3. I absolutely adored that weapon in BL1, that thing used to melt enemies back in the day.

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wiki is wrong then, thank you